Game Play:

Attacks per turn

Glossary of terms and detailed definitions

How to play

Strength and Maximum Weight Limit Table

Experience Point Table

Character Development:
Alien Race Generation Chart

Attributes and Body Points for each Race

Character Alignments

Bonus Table

Character Sheet 2.0 (PDF Version For Printing)

Character Sheet Described


Education And Skill Quantity Table

How to make a Character


Skills List

Skills Packs

Survival Player Character Generator
SPCGen 1.0

Abilities and enhancements:
Armor List

Force Fields

Basic Psionic Ability List

Cybernetic and Organic Enhancements

Equipment and items

Random Mutant Ability List and Descriptions

Random Mutation and Deformities

Robotic Components list


Optional rule sets:

Impact Damage table

Virtual Combat rules

Non-locational hit points

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