Attacks Per Turn

The Attacks per turn system used in Survival was developed in order to better facilitate superhuman combat.

The system is simple, an attack per turn is essentially the amount of time that is required in order to perform a quick combat related action. For example: steadying a gun and shooting, drawing a weapon, or punching someone.

It has become possible for some super humans and cyborgs to have more than a single attack per turn. This means that they are both faster with their actions and their perception.

Attacks Per Turn can be spent in combat to do more complicated tasks, players with more than one attack per turn may do the following:

        • Use 1 attack per turn to gain initiative

        • use 2 attacks per turn to execute a "called shot" and receive no minus

        • use 3 attacks per turn to execute a "called shot" and receive a +3 to strike

        • use 5 attacks per turn to dodge any combat-area attack without error or dice rolls. Mutant Characters may also use mutant abilities like Teleportation, Sonic Flight or Intangibility for this action and do so without error or dice rolls.

Additionally, when a character has more attacks per turn than their opponent, the opponent may only attempt to dodge the aggressor’s attacks for the number of dodges they have. Once their attacks are spent, they will be unable to dodge the remaining attacks.


Player A is attacking Player B.

Player A has 4 attacks per turn, while player B only has two.

Player A punches Player B 4 times in a row using all his attacks, Player B is only fast enough to dodge 2 of Player A's attacks. Regardless of the outcome of this first two dodge rolls, he will be hit twice for full damage.

Attacks Per Turn and ADM Sheilds

ADM or The Autonomous Defense Module allows characters to parry an attack with their force field. This device is particularly useful to those who do not have multiple attacks per turn as it allows them to attempt to minimize or deflect an attack when they would otherwise be unable to even dodge.

When encountering an ADM, characters with multiple attacks per turn are forced to roll their attack dice as normal against their opponent’s parry. They can however spend their attacks as stated above to avoid this.

Refer to the Force Field section for more information.