Noble: A noble character is quite a challenge, as they are truly good in all aspects. A noble character holds truth and freedom above all. A noble character will die to protect the rights of others. It’s your basic super hero.

Principled: The average law abiding citizen. No killing, stealing, or evil.

Unprincipled: Someone who is unprincipled will break the law and kill, but only for a greater good. Often a vigilante with their own sense of judgment, unprincipled characters would be considered a selfish good alignment.

Miscreant: This is the selfish alignment. A miscreant totally disregards law and order.  His own. Will kill when necessary, but will try to avoid it.

Diabolic:  A diabolic character will have a complete lack of a conscience usually in conjunction with antisocial behaviors. Diabolic characters are defined by their narcissism, cruelty, and are more prone to violence against others. They are driven by a lust for greed, glory, and blood.

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