SPCGen is a player character generator being developed by Don Dueck. It's currently not complete, but it is still very useful. The first public version can be found below for download.

Download SPCGen v1.0 from here 753k zipped.

SPCGen Version 1.01:
Features currently implemented:
-Full Race selection and generation
-Full attribute calculation
-Body point allowcation
-Mutant Abilities with stat modification
-Mutant Deformities with stat modification
-Built in Dice roller for skills
-Print Feature
Features not yet implemented:
-Automated skill selection, it has to be done by hand still.

Required files:
msvbm60.dll 713k ziped
comdlg32.ocx 59.9k ziped
richtx32.ocx 93.3k ziped

Copyright © 2008 Charles Bird.