20 Skills
1 Built in medium weapon.
5 Sensory and optic units
3 Special Features


30 Skills
2 Built in light weapons
12 Sensory and optic units
6 Special Features


10 Skills
1 Built in light weapons
1 Sensory and optic units
2 Special Features

Battle Machine:

23 Skills
3 Built in heavy weapons
8 Sensory and optic units
8 Special Features

Optical and Sensory Equipment

Standard Optics: This feature allows for normal vision and viewing of the visable light spectrim. It is also required for any advancded optic systems.

Telescopic vision: Enables magnification of normal vision upto 800x.

Infrared Vision: This feature allows for viewing of the infra red light spectrim. Thus allowing for the user to veiw radiation created from heat.
500 ft range.

Ultra Violet Vision: This feature allows for viewing of the normally invisable ultra-voilet light spectrim. Many lasers and sensitive security systems use Ulra-Voilet.
500 ft range.

Night Vision: Night vision works by simply magnifing all avilible light to allow for better vision.
500 ft range.

Motion Scanner: This feature enables the robot to track mation. Through the use of air vibrations, and sound and light fluctuations. This system only tracks the direction of movement. It can not determin size and speed. 50 ft radious.

RADAR: This system allows the user to track and identify up to 10 stationary or moving objects within one mile.

Bio-Scanner: Through the uses of various scanners this system can identify and determin the health status of a living organism.

Radio Communications: This feature allows the receiving and transmitting of radio waves. 12 mile radious.

Sat-Link: This enables up link with orbital satalites. Allows for ultilization GPS systems and increased transmittion range.

Vid-Link: Allows for telephone and Vid-phone communications through the use of a Sat-Link.

Enhaced Audio system: Allows for increased audio perception capabilities. Including variable fequency modulator to allow for hearing of inaudible sound.

Audio Recorder: Allows for digital recording of up to 50 hours of Audio.

Video Eye: The robotic eye houses a digital video recorder which allows for up to 10 hours of recording.

Audio/Video Analyzer: Allows for analyzation of recorded audio and video with such features as image zoom and sound isolation.
(requires an Audio recorder and Video recorder)

Built-in Weapons

All built in energy weapons are powered by the robots power cell, but there is a maximum ammount of shots. As in normal energy clips. use of the weapon past the maximum number of shots could cause data loss to the robot. The Robots energy cell will recharge after a 10 hour period of non-use. Now, none of this will apply if the robot has a Enternal Fusion Cell. (see Special Fuctions and Features)

Light Weapons

Retractable blade: A small (7 inch to 9 inch) blade housed in either the wrist, palm, or forearm.
Damage: 75
Rate Of Fire: 2

Internally Housed Darts: Upto 50 small darts can be housed in the body and fired from the hand or wrist.
Damage: 60
Range: 150 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 2

Laser: A small laser is housed in either the hand or shoulder.
Damage: 100
Range: 200 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 2

Eletrical Discharge: The robot is capible of discharging eletricty from either the hands or from the torso.
Damage: 60 (Save Vs. Knock Out)
Range: Touch
Rate Of Fire: 1

Medium Weapons

Monofiloment Whip: A charged thin stand of monofiloment can be housed in the hand. The whip must have a counter weight to work properly.
Damage: Incenerates flesh and organic matter. Otherwise 150 dmg
Range: 4 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 1

Flame thrower: A light flame thrower can be housed in ther forearm of shoulder. The fule sorce is designed for 10 minutes of continueus use.
Damage: 120
Range: 6 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 1

Energy Blaster: A small energy blaster is housed in the shoulder or forearm.
Damage: 200 dmg
Range: 200 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 1

Plasm Pistol: A small plasma pistol can be housed in the shoulder or forearm.
Damage: 250
Range: 200 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 1

Heavy Weapons

Light Plasma Expander Cannon: Cannon is located con either the shoulder or forearm. The barrel is approximatly 0.8 meters.
Damage: 300
Range: 500 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 1

Heavy Ion Cannon: A large ion cannon is mounted on the shoulder. Barrel is 1 meter in legth.
Damage: 350
Range: 250 Ft.
Rate Of Fire:1

Railgun: A forearm mounted railgun system fires charged heavy aluminum rounds. Barrel is approcimatly 1.5 meters.
Danage: 200
Range: 200 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 3
Minigun: A massive 20mm four barrel minigun is mounted on the forearm. The weapon requries a belt or box feed ammo.
Damage: 150
Range: 500 Ft
Rate Of Fire: 4
Light Blast Cannon: A massive 55mm single shot cannon is mounted on the shoulder. The weapon's recoil suspression system must be activated or the user will suffer massive recoil. The system locks leg joints and stabilizes movment. (one turn to activate)
Damage: 2000
Range: 3000 Ft
Rate Of Fire: -3

Special Functions & Features

Data-Base: The robot has access to a large range of information. Including all public records, history, and all other encyclopedic information.
Requires Sat-Link.

Target Eye: Allows for presision targeting of both moving and still objects. A Cross hair target keyed to the position of weapon is superimposed over normal field of vision.
+2 to strike.

Tow-line: Located in either shoulder or arm with fireing mechanism. Range: 85 Ft
Weight limit: 5,000 lbs.

Hover unit: Allows for low level flight (50 ft and less) at speeds of upto 50 mph.

Jet-purpulsion: Allows for high level flight (Above 50 ft) at speeds of 250 mph.

Force Field: Robot is capable of producing a light particle force field. Field is non-environmental with 1200 Armor Points.

Search light: Shoulder or forearm mounted light. 80,000 candel power.
360 Rotating joint: single section of the body is capible of turning a full 360 around. The joint may be the arm at shoulder, hand at wrist, head at neck, or upper or lower torso at weist. The turning mortio is smooth and flowing.

Hidden Camparments:
Type one: Small campartment (1 ft by 1 ft) is place some where in the body. This compartment is opened manually. Receives 2 compartments.
Type two: Small campartment (1 ft by 1 ft) is place some where in the body. This compartment is automated by robotic neuro-responce.

Manipulator Arm: Small retractable arm located in the lower torso houses an array of tools, devices, eletronic interfaces, and other equipment needed for delecate work.

Hydro-Gel Enhancement: Increses strength by +50, speed by 35 mph, and jumping by 50 up and 100 feet wide. (cost two Equipment choices)

Speed Enhancements: increases speed by 85 mph. All machinery and componets moev and operate faster. +2 to dodge.

Fusion Core: State fo the art 50 Kilowatt heavy water fusion core loacted in the mainbody. Equipt with an anti-fusion rupture safty device. (cost 2 Feature choices)

Organic Skin and muscle Covering: Actual living muscle, skin, hair, finger and toe nails can be grown over the robot. Appearence is normally computer generated, but can be specified by the robot.

Nuclear Failsafe: A 5 kiloton ware the size of a small football is housed in the mainbody to be used in the ultimate emergency. System is keyed to thought and cannot be automated. Damage: everything in one mile radius is incenerated, and for five miles outside the first mile all will suffer 10,000 damage. (Cost five Feature choices)

Copyright 1998 Charles Bird.