01 Acrobatics: This allows the character to perform aerial feats of agility and strength. The character's reflexes are considerably increased as well.
+2 to dodge, and +5 to Agility
Requires (72)Gymnastics

02 Advanced Computers: This skill gives the character a basic understanding of advanced computer usage and an introduction into some basic forms of programming.
Requires (35)Computer Applications

03 Advanced Electronics: This skill allows the character to repair, build and maintain electronic devices. Character has a well developed concept of electronics and their inner workings.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics and (56)Electronics

04 Advanced Genetics: Character develops a complete understanding of DNA, and all genetic material. Character also receives an introductory overview of genetic engineering and its applications in the medical field.
Requires (67)Genetics

05 Advanced High Energy Physics: This skill allows the character to actually design high energy based generators and weapons using state of the art equipment.
Requires (07)Advanced Physics, (21)Basic High Energy Physics, and (55)Electronic Engineering

06 Advanced Mathematics: Allows the character to perform more complex mathematical tasks such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc.
Requires (22)Basic Mathematics

07 Advanced Physics: The study gets into the laws of electricity, light, current flows, etc.
Requires (110)Physics and (06)Advanced Mathematics

08 Advanced Psychology: Allows the character to easily understand people and the way they act. Enough so that the other person is almost predictable.
If someone is trying to lie and trust is rolled they get a -20%.
Requires (129)Psychology

09 Advanced Radio: The character is able to operate large radio towers and relays. The character also gains knowledge of the inner workings of radio communications equipment.
Requires (22)Basic Mathematics, (24)Basic Radio, and (56)Electronics

10 Aeronautical Physics: The study of flight and the laws which govern it.
Requires (110)Advanced Physics

11 Aerospace Electronics: This skill involves the repair, construction, and maintenance of electronic devices found in aircraft and space flight vehicles.
Requires (55)Electronic Engineering

12 Aircraft Mechanics: The character is able to build and modify aircraft.
Requires (86)Mechanical Engineering

13 Animal Anatomy: This skill targets animals, it can be specialized in one species of animal or can remain general. The character learns detailed knowledge of the internal workings of all vital systems, their needs and requirements.
Requires (14)Animal Biology

14 Animal Biology: This skills deals with all animals and their basic functions, histories, and role in the food chain.

15 Aerial Navigation: This skill allows the character to navigate while flying with and without the use of electronic guidance systems, using the stars, moon, sun, and other distinguishable figures.

16 Assault Weapons: This skill allows the character to use assault weapons such as machine guns and rocket launchers with some accuracy.
+3 to strike with assault weapons
Requires (142)Standard Firearms

17 Astrophysics: The Study of the Universe and how it is related to nuclear physics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, relativity and also explains some deep space phenomena.
Requires (07)Advanced Physics

18 Athletics: Training in vigorous exertion for competitive sports, exercises, and contests of strength, endurance and agility.
+1 to Strike, +1 to Parry, +50 to Body Point
Requires (138)Running

19 Automotive Mechanics: The character is able to build and modify automobiles.
Requires (23)Basic Mechanics

20 Basic Hand to Hand Combat: This skill allows the character to attack and defend with limited ability using common techniques.
+1 to Strike

21 Basic High Energy Physics: This skill allows the character to understand the principles of high energy more thoroughly and to begin applying it to study and use in weaponry and energy research.
Requires (74)High Energy Applications and (110)Physics

22 Basic Mathematics: Allows the character to perform simple mathematical tasks such as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and fractions.

23 Basic Mechanics: Allows the character to build and design basic machines such as pulley systems and simple engines.
Requires (83)Machinist

24 Basic Radio: This skill allows the character to operate communications equipment such as hand radios and more complex equipment like radio transmitters and etc. The character also knows common radio codes, such as morse code, the radio alphabet and the "ten" codes.

25 Beamed Energy Applications: Character understands the possible uses for beamed energy sources and the principles behind their functions.
Requires (05)Advanced High Energy Physics

26 Beamed Energy Physics: Character understands fully the principles involved in beamed energy and is able to design and construct generators.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics, (17)Astrophysics, and (25)Beamed Energy Applications

27 Biology: The science of life and of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution.
Requires (29)Botany and (54)Earth Science

28 Body Building: This skill is a tedious program designed to maximize the strength and fitness of the character by toning muscles and using weights and exercise.
+10 to Physical Strength, +100 Body Points, +2 to Physical Endurance
Requires (39)Conditioning

29 Botany: This skill deals with plants their functions and needs, the character will also learn the fundamental potentials of plants such as for poisons or medications.

30 Boxing: This skill allows the character to fight with skill using his fists. The character learns to defend and estimate an opponent's skill and strength.
+1 to strike, +50 Body Points
Requires (28)Body Building

31 Cardiology: This skill targets the hearth and the cardiovascular system in particular. The character becomes aware of the complete functions, needs, and inner workings of the heart and cardiovascular system.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics and (75)Human Anatomy

32 Chemical Engineering: Character is able to design chemical substances used for specific tasks.
Requires (33)Chemistry

33 Chemistry: Basic Understanding of chemical principles and formulae. Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics

34 Climbing: This skill conditions the character for climbing and gives the character skills using the equipment need to climb.
+50 to Body Points

35 Computer Applications: This skill provides the character with basic computer skills and an overall introduction to computer usage in general.

36 Computer Programming Lower Languages: Used for programming simple, powerful tasks. Provides more power then the Upper Languages but takes 50 times longer to do any task. Logic and large programs become virtually impossible to write.
Requires (128)Programming Concepts

37 Computer Programming Machine Languages: Most powerful programming language, allows total access to the computers resources but programming anything more complex then basic math functions is incredibly difficult and time consuming, 600 times normal programming time.
Requires (36)Computer Programming Lower Languages

38 Computer Programming Upper Languages: Used for programming large, complex programs as well as any program that requires logic.
Requires (37)Computer Programming Machine Languages

39 Conditioning: This skill involves submitting your body to intense pain and exhaustion in an attempt to "fine tune" the body physically.
+50 to Body Points and +2 to Physical Endurance

40 *Contortionism: Character is able to manipulate the size and shape of his body by the temporary dislocation of joints and contraction of certain muscles enabling the character to move in or out of small confined spaces.

41 Cooking: Character is able to prepare meals for nourishment. Requires (65)Food Science & Nutrition

42 *Counter Tracking: This skill allows the character to hide his tracks on foot so that it is very difficult to track him.
Requires (148)Tracking

43 Cryology: This skill involves the temporarily freezing and suspended animation techniques used in cryogenic preservation. The character learns how to operate the complex machinery, reanimate patients, and regulate health of frozen patients.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics and (73)Human Anatomy

44 Cryptography: Skill in recognizing, designing, and decoding encrypted messages and codes. This includes digitally encrypted codes.
Requires (02)Advanced Computers

45 Culinary Arts: Character is able to make extravagant meals for many people. Requires (41)Cooking

46 Cyberneurology: This allows the character to understand how the nervous and cybernetics systems work.
Requires (47)Cybernetic Applications

47 Cybernetic Applications: Character will receive a basic overview of the possible uses and applications of cybernetic replacements and enhancements.
Requires (02)Advanced Electronics, (03)Advanced Electronics and (06)Advanced Mathematics

48 Cybernetic Engineering: This skill provides the character with the knowledge used in the construction and design of cybernetic units. The character has a complete understanding of the inner working and structural design of these units as well as their complementary systems.
Requires (46)Cyber neurology, (49)Cybernetic Mechanics, and(132)Robotic Construction

49 Cybernetic Mechanics: This skill involves the repairing and maintenance of cybernetic units, character has a detailed understanding of the inner workings of cybernetics and their complementary systems.
Requires (31)Cardiology, (47)Cybernetic Applications, (83)Machinist, and (93)Microbotics

50 *Demolitions: The character will have detailed knowledge of the proper usage of explosives, such as the minimum amount for maximum effectiveness, where to place explosives on a structure and the ability to identify explosives and damage caused by explosives.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics and (61)Explosives

51 Demonology: The in depth study of demonic beings, their tendencies, capabilities and history.
Requires (97)Mysticism and (100)Occultism

52 *Detect Ambush: Allows the character to anticipate or locate an ambush by using specific signs like disturbed shrubbery.
Requires (96)Morhe

53 *Disguise: This in depth skill allows the character to assimilate into any role he wishes by a combination of make up, language accent techniques, and observational skills.

54 Earth Science: Allows Character to have basic knowledge of plant and animal life and how they affect each other.

55 Electronic Engineering: This skill allows the character to design and construct electronic devices.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics

56 Electronics: This skill involves the basic design and composition of electronics, the character is able to identify the types of electronics and their functions.
Requires (22)Basic Mathematics

57 Energy Weapons: This skill allows the character to use energy weapons such as plasma guns and laser cannons with accuracy.
+3 to Strike with energy weapons
Requires (56)Electronics

58 Entomology: This gives the character vast knowledge of insects and allows for them to determine easier ways to get rid of them.
Requires (78)Insect Anatomy

59 *Escape Artist: This skill allows the character to escape from binds and other situations where he would be restrained, such as ropes or hand cuffs.
Requires (40)Contortionism

60 Expert Hand to Hand Combat: This skill allows the character to fight with great skill using advanced techniques.
+2 to Strike, +1 to dodge, and +50 to Body Points
Requires (20)Basic Hand to Hand and (39)Conditioning

61 *Explosives: This skill allows the character to manufacture explosives and vessels by which to deliver them in. The character gains knowledge of needed chemicals and compounds, as well as timers, detonators, fuses, and other devices associated with explosives.
Requires (33)Chemistry

62 Fencing: This program allows the character to fight with skill using many types of swords.
+1 to Strike and Parry while using a sword
Requires (73)Hand to Hand Weapons

63 *Filch: Determines character's ability to remove an object from another person's possession without their knowledge. Objects weighing over one tenth of the victims weight capacity quickly become impossible to steal unless the victims attention is seriously distracted or another similar situation (in a crowd of trusted friends, intoxicated, etc.)

64 First Aid: This skill allows the character to treat and identify minor injuries such as cuts, breaks, and bruises.
Requires (22)Basic Mathematics

65 Food Science & Nutrition: The understanding of foods and their content of bacteria and how to manage them.

66 *Forgery: This skill allows the character to forge documents and signatures.
Requires (53)Disguise

67 Genetic Cloning: This skill allows the character to reproduce genetic chains completely and reproduce organisms by means of Embryonic and Nonembryonic cloning resulting in duplicate organisms or living components, such as the reproduction of single living organs.
Requires (68)Genetic Engineering

68 Genetic Engineering: This skill goes in depth in the design of genetics and the character understands the make up of human genetics completely. The character is able to alter and engineer biological life forms.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics, (04)Advanced Genetics, and (35)Computer Applications

69 Genetics: This skill begins to go in depth on human genetics, a more complete understanding is obtained, the character learns of hereditary genetics, and an in depth overview of DNA, RNA and their complimentary components.
Requires (33)Chemistry and (87)Medical Genetic Applications

70 Geography: Basic knowledge of maps, regions in the world, and how the earth's layers work.

71 Geophysics: The study of the earth and the laws that govern it. Character gains knowledge of meteorology, hydrology, physical geography, physical oceanography, structual-inorganic-historical geology, and cosmogony.
Requires (70)Geography and (110)Physics

72 Gymnastics: Character learns how to do falls, rolls, tumbles, cartwheels and to work on rings and parallel bars.
Requires (18)Athletics

73 Hand to Hand Weapons: This skill allows the character to use hand held weapons such as swords or clubs with accuracy. This skill is general it may be applied to a specific weapon for an additional bonus to strike of 1.
+2 to Strike

74 High Energy Applications: Character becomes aware of the possible uses and application of high energy and its basic principles.

75 Human Anatomy: This skill goes in depth on the internal functions of the human body, familiarizing the character with the internal components of the body, their functions and needs. The character learns the neurological tract and its functions.
Requires (76)Human Biology

76 Human Biology: This skills targets humans in particular, characters become aware of the functions of the reproductive, respiratory, and digestive systems, as well as a briefing on illnesses and their effect on the human body.
Requires (64)First Aid

77 *Impersonation: This ability allows the character to impersonate another person by using a combination of makeup, disguises and voice mimicking.
Requires (53)Disguise and (147)Trickery

78 Insect Anatomy: Character knows just by looking what parts of insects are.

79 *Interrogation: Character can, psychologically or physically, batter someone until they give in to demands.
Requires (08)Advanced Psychology

80 Land Navigation: This skill allows the character to navigate accurately on land by use of the sun, moon, and other distinguishable figures.
Requires (70)Geography

81 Laser Communications: Means of high speed communication using lasers and light waves.
Requires (90)Advanced Radio

82 Locksmith: This is the basic knowledge of installing, assembling, repairing, disassembling and opening locks. This includes the use of Jimmies, pries, bars, credit cards and other tools to open locks. Electronic locks are also included if the skill Security Systems is included. This skill does not include lock picking. Note: this skill may be chosen twice for a plus 5% bonus to skills level as well as becoming legally licensed to purchase, carry and use the tools of the trade(Jimmies, picks, key copiers), as well as detailed knowledge of coping keys.

*Success of opening a locked door is based roughly on this formula:

(Locksmith percentage+tool quality)-(Lock installers Locksmith percentage) + (tool and materials quality-wear and tear)

83 Machinist: Allows the character to design and shape metal using metallurgy and specially designed tools.
Requires (22)Basic Mathematics and (89)Metallurgy

84 Marine Biology: This skill targets marine life in particular, going in depth in biological functions of theses organisms, their needs, tendencies, and their role in the food chain.
Requires (27)Biology and (101)Oceanography

85 Martial Arts Combat: Combat: A special style of fighting involving balance and anticipation of your opponents moves. The character is able to perform highly advanced and complex moves.
+2 to Strike, and +5 to Agility, +1 to Dodge
Requires (01)Acrobatics and (60)Expert Hand To Hand Combat

86 Mechanical Engineering: Allows the character to build and modify complex machinery.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics and (23)Basic Mechanics

87 Medical Genetic Applications: This skill provides insight on the endless field of genetics, its role in medicine and the way it has paved the way for cures to countless illnesses and problems faced by society.
Requires (75)Human Anatomy

88 Medical Imagery: This skill provides the character with the required knowledge for medical imagery and the skills needed to operate, collect and understand data from such equipment. The skill includes Radiology technology, MRI, CAT scans, Ultrasound and all other forms of medical imagery.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics

89 Metallurgy: Character can determine metal qualities and purity, refined metal, and create metal alloys.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics and (23)Basic Mechanics

90 Microbiology: Character has vast knowledge of bacteria and other microorganisms and knows how they thrive and react.
Requires (27)Biology

91 Microrobotic Engineering: This skill allows the character to actually design and construct microrobotics.
Requires (92)Microrobotics Mechanics

92 Microrobotic Mechanics: this skill allows the character to repair, maintain, and modify microrobotics such as nanorobotics through the use of specialized equipment.
Requires (55)Electronic Engineering and (93)Microbotics

93 Microrobotics: This skill involves the smallest form of robotics, dealing with nanorobotics and other cell sized fully functioning robotic units. Character has a basic understanding of the design and workings of microrobotics.
Requires (135)Robotics

94 *Military Intelligence: This is the specific training in the practices and principles of recognizing and analyzing sources of information about the enemy, observation techniques, counter measures and proper procedure. This includes the practical assessment of sights and sounds; estimation of range, what to report, handling prisoners of war, and handling captured documents and equipment.
Requires (16)Assault Weapons and (22)Basic Mathematics

95 Mineralogy: Character is able to identify various mineral types and can estimate the value of gems and other precious minerals.
Requires (54)Earth Science

96 *Morhe: This skill is an ancient technique that allows the character to cloak himself using his surroundings with a 98% chance of success. The character can use objects available to him, such as leaves and mud to hide his heat signature and visible self. Requires (40)Contortionism, (42)Counter tracking, and (85)Martial Arts Combat

97 Mysticism: The study of early religions and their roles and effects on the cultures of people and their role in society.

98 Neurology: The study of nerves and their functions in the human body. Character learns techniques needed to perform delicate procedures such as rejoining severed nerve endings and the transplantation and replacement of organs and limbs.
Requires (88)Medical Imagery and (143)Surgical & Operational Techniques

99 Nuclear Physics: Science of the atom and its related counter parts.
Requires (07)Advanced Physics

100 Occultism: The study of the practice of magic, sorcery, and the existence of supernatural beings.

101 Oceanography: Study of the ocean and the understanding of tides, current, waves and storms.

102 Optical Systems: This skill familiarizes the character with many advanced specialized sensors and optic equipment.

103 Osteology: This skill involves the skeletal system. The character becomes aware of the complete functions, needs and inner workings of the skeletal system and the detailed positioning and placement of bones and marrow.
Requires (75)Human Anatomy and (88)Medical Imagery

104 Paleontology: This skill involves the investigation of prehistoric life, their impact on the environment and the attempt to trace species using Darwinism.
Requires (13)Animal Anatomy and (29)Botany

105 Paramediology: This skill involves the immediate treatment of medical emergencies, the character also learns to use special equipment, the ability to access the situation and act accordingly.
Requires (75)Human Anatomy

106 Parapsychology: This skill deals with the occult and the study of the supernatural in every aspect. Character obtains in depth knowledge of all supernatural beings, including demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, un dead, etc. Character learns how to classify and deal with such creatures.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics, (51)Demonology, and (145)Theology

107 Pathology: The study of the essential nature of disease, and its effect on the human body. This skill also allows the character to identify the cause of death by examining the corpse.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics and (75)Human Anatomy

108 Pathophysiology: Character learns what microorganisms cause different diseases and plagues.
Requires (90)Microbiology

109 Pharmacology: This skill allows the character to access the condition of a patient and distribute medication as needed. The character is also taught to make and mix medications.
Requires (32)Chemical Engineering and (75)Human Anatomy

110 Physics: The study of the natural laws of nature such gravity and magnetism and their effects.
Requires (06)Advanced Mathematics

111 Pick Locks: This skill is used for opening a lock via the keyhole using a variety of tools designed to simulate the key. While it's fairly easy (and standard for military buildings) to make a door "Jimmy-proof" making it IMPOSSIBLE to use the Locksmith skill to open the door, there are very few locks in existence that are truly `unpickable' and that's only true because no one has ever picked them before.
Requires (82)Locksmith

112 Pilot Automobile: Allows the character to pilot automobiles.

113 Pilot Basic Helicopters: Allows the character to pilot basic helicopters.

114 Pilot Combat Helicopter: Allows the character to pilot combat helicopters.

115 Pilot Heavy Military: Allows the character to pilot heavy military vehicles.

116 Pilot Hover Car: Allows the character to pilot hover cars.

117 Pilot Hover Cycle: Allows the character to pilot hover cycles.

118 Pilot Jet: Allows the character to pilot jets.

119 Pilot Jet Fighter: Allows the character to pilot jet fighters.

120 Pilot Light Military: Allows the character to pilot light military vehicles.

121 Pilot Motor Boat: Allows the character to pilot motor boats.

122 Pilot Propeller Plane: Allows the character to pilot propeller planes.

123 Pilot Sail Boat: Allows the character to pilot sail boats.

124 Pilot Space Shuttle: Allows the character to pilot space shuttles.

125 Pilot Tank: Allows the character to pilot tanks.

126 Pilot Truck: Allows the character to pilot trucks.

127 Poison Resistance: A specialized form of conditioning in which small amounts different poisons are taken over an extended period in order to obtain a limited tolerance to toxins and poisons.
+20% to Save vs. Poisons

128 Programming Concepts: General knowledge of strings, data arrays, structures and general program design.
Requires (02)Advanced Computers and (06)Advanced Mathematics

129 Psychology: The science of the mind or of mental states and processes, includes study of human behavior and or the sum of the mental states and processes characteristic of a person or class of persons.
Requires Medical Degree. Consult GM.

130 Quantum Mechanics: The study of the behavior of matter which takes into account its wave nature.
Requires (131)Quantum Physics

131 Quantum Physics: The science and study of sub-atomic particles such as quarks and neutrinos, mesons, , bosons, pions, ect.
Requires (07)Advanced Physics

132 Robotic Construction: This skill allows the character to build and make alterations upon robots.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics and (132)Robot Mechanics

133 Robotic Design: This skill allows the character to actually design and build robots and robotic units. The character is very skilled in his trade and can work very efficiently.
Requires (110)Physics, (132)Robotic Construction, and (134)Robotic Electronics

134 Robotic Electronics: This skill allows the character to understand how actual robot circuitry works.
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics

135 Robotic Mechanics: This skill allows the character to repair, maintain, and perform alterations on robotics.
Requires (86)Mechanical Engineering and (136)Robotics

136 Robotics: This skill allows the character to understand the inner workings of robots. The character has a basic understanding of their functions and capabilities.
Requires (38)Computer Programming Upper Languages

137 Rocketry: Character can build, modify, and design rockets.
Requires (10) Aeronautical Physics, (33)Chemistry, (86)Mechanical Engineering, and (83)Machinist

138 Running: This skill allows the character to run for extended amounts of time without rest. The character, over time, has built up a great endurance.
+5 to endurance,+10 to Speed, and +20 to Body Points

139 Satellite Communications: The character understands in detail the vast field of satellite communications, and is able to gain access to satellites.
Requires (09)Advanced Radio, (25)Beamed Energy Applications, and (38)Computer Programming Upper Languages

140 Sea Navigation: This skill determines your success in successfully navigating from one ship port to another as well as any trip in which sight of land is lost.
Requires (101)Oceanography and Pilot Boat of some kind

141 *Security Systems: Detailed knowledge of installing, and maintaining electronic security systems, as well as general knowledge of placing and avoiding surveillance equipment (where to expect a camera, motion sensor, etc.)
Requires (03)Advanced Electronics

142 Standard Firearms: This skill allows the character to use standard weapons such as revolvers and shotguns with accuracy.
+3 to Strike

143 *Stealth: This skill enables the character to move quietly, nearly without sound. It is a complex art of weight positioning and careful footing.
Requires (85)Martial Arts Combat

144 Surgical And Operational Techniques: Provides the character with the needed skills and experience to perform complex surgical operations.
Requires (64)First Aid, (105)Paramediology, and (109)Pharmacology

145 Swimming: This skill allows the character to swim with great speed and strength for extended amounts of time.
+1 to Endurance, +10 to Body Points

146 Theology: The in depth study of religion and gods.

147 Theoretical Physics: This is the study of concepts that have no true explanation, or are yet to be explained. This field broke new ground in sciences such as quantum physics and the understanding of antimatter elements.
Requires (07)Advanced Physics

148 *Tracking: This skill allows the character to track the movement of objects, animals, and people by using visual signs such as footprints and the disturbance of foliage. The character is also able to determine the weight, size and number of the target(s) being tracked.
Requires (80)Land Navigation

149 *Trickery: This skill allows the character to attempt and lie with great skill. The character uses techniques intended to hide the signs of deception, such as facial expressions, tone of voice, bodily gestures, etc.
+20% to Trust

150 Wilderness Survival: This skill allows the character to survive in an area cut off from civilization. This can include desert, arctic, forest, and other regional zones. The character must make a specific selection. The character is able to find food, shelter, and find his way back to civilization.
Requires (80)Land Navigation

Skills with a * by their name indicate that an education level dealing with the military is required. This does not pretain to Robotic Races.

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