Okay, lets make a character. This portion is pretty simple. All you have to do is decide what you want to be. There is a outline you have to follow, you can't just be anything you want. I mean you can't be god, or a 1000 foot tall house fly.

First of all, You have to select your Race. In the world of survival there are countless races. A small List of the more common races has been constructed. But it is possible to create an entirely original race. Be it trans-demential or alien. But to make this simple we will use a Freak. The Freaks are humans with extraordinary abilities. They are Mutants, humans who's genetics have changed so much they are no longer human.

Now that the race has been selected the character's basic data must be created. A name is needed. It should be a realistic name. Not something like Bob Demon, a real birth name. The Aliases can be whatever the player feels would fit his character. The age, sex, height, weight, and the rest of the physical appearances must now be selected. The age should be realistic also, depending on the education of the character. You couldn't have a 10 year old kid with a Ph.D in nuclear physics. The education is found on the Education Table. One roll please.

To add that touch of indeviduality to each character, the Distinguishing Markings has been added. This is basically scares, tattoos, or disfigurements.

The Alignment must now be selected. The Alignment is the characters beliefs and morals. This will dictate how the character reacts to violence and a crisis situation. The Alignments are basically good or evil, with no real in between. There is a LIST of possible alignments available. For the propose of this demonstration we will chose unprincipled.

Now all the attributes must be rolled. The Attributes are a list of physical stats. Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, etc.. Each race has a different set of dice needed for these rolls. There is a LIST provided. The attribute table is quite simple to use. It lists the name of the attribute then the dice required. Each attribute may be rolled twice, this is the full dice roll (ex: 4d20) two times, of which the highest is taken there from. When an attribute is not listed on the table for a particular race it is does not apply to that race (n/a). But the freaks are not exempt from any attribute. Also another note, The Blood pool is equal to the Physical endurance in humans only. It does not apply to any other races.

After the attributes are done, its time to create an origin for your character. This is his history and past. What makes him so evil, or so good. You decide. In the future there will be a table to create a random generic origin, but in the future. For now you must decide.

Now for the Armor Points. This section covers the characters physical body, his actual armor, and any other protective devices he may be using. Such as some form of force field or shield. Each race is given a highest and lowest possible maximum body points. This number is indicated above the attributes on the attribute table. Each Max BP is rolled with an 8 sided die (d8). The interval of which this is applied to is located next to each races minimum and maximum BP. There is a list of Armor types and their costs.


Freaks: 600-1400 Body Points (100)

Physical Strength:2d20 Affinity:d20 Save Vs. Knockout:4d6

Physical Endurance:d20 Agility:d20 Save Vs. Magic:d4

Physical Beauty:d20 Speed:3d6 Save Vs. Death:2d20

Intelligence:d20x10 Trust:d100 Save Vs. Poisons:4d20

Metal Endurance:d20 Save Vs. Coma:6d6

The Number in parentheses is the interval of which a freak's max BP is rolled with it 100, So the d8 roll will be in hundreds. A roll of 6 would mean that you add 6x100 to the minimum BP. Totaling 1200 BP, simple.

Now towards the bottom of the character sheet you will notice a section doubted hand to hand combat. This section has both damages for hand to hand physical combat, and common procedures used while in hand to hand combat. In order to get the damages the Physical Strength of the character is rounded to the nearest tenth. That is for pouch. The damage will increase by 5 for down the list of attack forms until stomp. The stop is equal to the character's punch damage. And maul is +15 to the jump kick damage. The Attack damage is used for all hand held weapon. It is added to the damage of the weapon upon successful attack. For instance if a bat inflicted 35 damage, and the characters Attack was 30, the bat would now inflict 65 damage.

Now for the other subsection of Hand held combat, Probabilities. This section is very simple. Each skill is rolled with a 100 sided die (d100). One roll for each skill and no one digit numbers, re-roll those.

Page II, there is a section called Special Skills. This is a list of the most commonly used physical task that i have encountered over the years.
Each is rolled with a 100 sided die (d100). One roll for each skill and no one digit numbers, re-roll those.

Now for the skills section. The skills section is one of my favorites. List is quite long and really makes the character. Each education level has a number of skills to be selected as well as the dice number to be rolled. Some Classes require or give skills. So read carefully.

Weapons. This section shouldn't need a detailed explanation. Basically There is a default list of weapons. The GM or player can decide on specific weapon types and names. A detailed list is currently being compiled of all of the favorite weapons. For now use the default.

Now for the fun, The special abilities. Taken your character has special abilities. Freaks are mutants, so they will use the Random Mutant Ability Table . They get four rolls and then select three. Some mutant abilities may alter physical attributes or increase Body Points so read carefully. The mutants also get 2 deformities, 4 roles, choose 2.

Equipment And Supplies, There currently is no list for this stuff, but the Gm and player can discus what is realistic for a new character. Or the cost of items.

The Vehicle Log is only if you have a vehicle. So if you don't, just skip it.

Notes is basically stuff you want to remember about your character. From allies and enemies or the location of something or someone. Whatever.

Your Done! Cool eh?
Copyright © 2008 Charles Bird.