Alien Race Generation Table and Rules

Form and Appearance:
The Player must decide the general appearance or form of the alien lifeform. There are several possible options. The player may select from the given list or randomly roll. There are still options that exist that are not listed, if the player wishes he may discuss these possiblities with the GM in order to apply them to the campaign.

01-39 Humaniod: The alien creature is simular in form to that of humans as of having at least 4 appendages and walking upright.

    01-20 Human-like: The alien is human like, matching mankind in every way execpt for prehaps one small feature. Such as Hair color or an elongated face or ears.

    21-37 Insect-like: The alien is insect like, it has both the characteristics of humans and insects. The alien may have anteni and insect-like eyes.

    38-53 Mineral or Rock-like: The aliens skin is extremely dence and hard, it has a tough rock appearence.

    54-69 Animal or Beast-like: The alien is simular to that of a werewolf in appearence but with the animal hybrid that of any animal.

    70-85 Plant: The alien is an intelligent plant life form. The shape and size are dertermined by below.

    86-00 Energy: The alien is an energy based life form comprised of pure enegy. The bing has a physical mind and body, and is not immune to damage.

40-68 Quadruped: The alien creature has four legs and uses them to walk on. Simular to that of most mamales of earth. It is also common for the alien to have a prehinsile tail.

    01-39 Animal or Beast-like: The alien is some form of animal. The more detailed characteristics are dictated by the player, such as horns, color, if fur is present, ect.

    40-68 Mineral Or Rock-like: The alien possess an ultra dence skin and outer body. The creature appears to have a rock or a crystalline structure.

    69-00 Plant: The alien is a plant life form having four legs.

69-00 Unworldly: The alien fits no astablished catagory, it's physical form may not even be semetric. It may even be a shapless mass. There are no real limits.

    01-39 Type 1: The being is a translucent shapeless form whos mass is less than that of earth allowsing it to float. there are no visable eyes, for the creature is able to see by way of its entire body. Receiving light from all directions.

    40-68 Type 2: The alien is a single celled micro organism using its low body mass as a means of perpulsion.

    69-00 Type 3: The alien is a being of pure energy, void of a physical body. Existing as a mass of lumanessenct smoke-like cload.

Physical Environment
The player must choose or roll for the aliens physcial environment. The environment is a large part of alien construction, for it determins how well the being will exist in the survival world. There are two parts to this section. First are the breathing requirements for the alien, second is the actual physical characterstics of the aliens home world.

Breathing requirements: What atomosphereic componets are needed for survival on earth.

01-50 Earthly: The aliens homeworld has a simular atomsphere to that of earth. There are simular levels of oxygen, nirtogen, carbondioxide, and others.

51-00 Unearthly: The aliens homeworld consists of high levels of gases which are not abundent in earths atomosphere such as methane, ammonia, and others. In effect, the alien must ware some form of breathing apperatus, or have his lungs or sergicly replaced with ones which can operate under such conditions.

Environmental Conditions: This determins the actual physical conditions of the planet from which the alien is orginally from. Such as Physical, and atomsphereic conditions, gravitational conditions, and so on.

Gravitational Conditions: This is the actual gravitational pull of the aliens homeworld.

01-50 Low Gravity: The gravitational pull of the aliens homewold is much less than that of earth. This has considerably increased the creatures mass and overall slowed him. The density of the character skin has also increased somw what.

51-00 High Gravity: The Gravitational pull of the aliens homeworld is considerably more than that of earths. The Aliens speed and agility are greatly increased. The character is also imencely stronge.

Environment: This is the physical environment of the aliens homeworld.

01-15 Aquatic: The aliens homeworld is entirly emersed in water. The character is designed to survive underwater at all times. In effect the character must wear a protective suit which supplies him with water. The character, when in water, has superb gracefulness and strength.

16-30 Gaseous: The Planet is compised entirly of a thick gas, the alien is designed to exist without ever toughing the ground. It may have specially deigned wings or be able to float.

31-44 High Radiation: The aliens homeworld is extreamly radioactive and has a greater temperature than that of earth. The alien is immune to the effects of radiation and has an increased level of body points.

45-58 Dence forest: The entire planetary environment is a massive tropical forest. The alien has the required adaptations to live amongst the trees. The being may have a prehinsial tail or other trates simmular to the creatures of the forest.

59-72 Wasteland: The alien world is a empty desert, desolent and with little life. The creature is fit to survive in entence heat and live without nurishment for extended peroids of time. The creature is unable to cold, thus must wear some form of environmental protection.

73-86 Adbrasive Environment: The aliens home plante is ravaged by extreme winds and temperture variations. Constant bombardment by space debris and astroids may also occur. The creature is suited to survive almost anywhere, having ultra dence skin, great strength and high agility.

87-00 Arctic Wasteland: The entire planet is a barren expance of bitter cold. Harsh arctic winds ravage the surface, this has given the alien dence skin and a resistance to extreme cold. The alien is unable to withstand heat and must wear some form of environmental protection.

Culture: The player must select or create a culture for their alien species. This will determin the range of alignments the alien may have and may also determine its level of technology.

01-35 Peaceful: The culture is that of simple and quit beings seeking fullfilment through deeds of kindness and generautisty. The race has no reason to expand and will try to avoide any form of conflict or dissagreement at any cost. A peaceful culture will nearly always honor or worship some form of god, great man, or higher being.

36-65 Intellilectural: The culture is a socity of scientist seeking enlightnment through technological advancements. The culture is a versital and ever changing socity. They are not war like but will fight if provoked to do so. The race is intreged by exploation and will expand their culture to new plantes and sloar systems whenever possible. It is uncommon for the intellilectural culture to have a being or worship or god, for they see it as foolish for it will restrict intellilectual expance.

66-80 War-Like: The culture is a race of conqurers bent on domination and control over all they foresee. The race is voilent brutal and untrustworthy. They have little need for technology, for all they require they pillage from vanquished cultures. This culture's main belief is to expand their empire, enslaving and exploited all who oppose them. The war-like culture will almost always have a god or being of worship.

81-00 Agricultural or Tribalistic: The aliens culture is built up around small farming and trading comunites. Much like native americans or other acient earth cultures. The civilization is relivily peacful but are capable of fighting. There is also a lack of technology and refined government. The culture has no desire or the means to expand their enfluence. They will also always have at least one being of worship or god, and more than often many.

Language: The player must select or design a form of written language for the alien creature.

01-35 Script: This is a simple system of symbols for vowls, constanants, puntchation, and numbers linked to form indevidual words or phrases.

36-65 Picture Writing: This is a complex system of pictures or symbols repersenting words, phrases, or actions.

66-75 Character Writing: This system is simular to that of japanese or chinese, where single blocked lines and dashes can represent numbers or entire sentances and phrases.

76-00 Line and dot: The language is a complex system of lines and dots established to repersent sentances, words, phrases and numbers.

History: This portion is left entirly to the player or GM, for this is what sets this race apart from others. Its history, may their race be that of a brave warrior who has over come tyrantical opression and won their glory and respect or a quit history of peacful exploration. The possiblities are endless.

Why Earth?: This secton will determin the reason the alien came to earth, may it be for exploration, greed, or by pure accident. The player may also suggest a totally different option to the GM from those presented.

01-16 Greed And Glory: The creature is on an expandition to earth to gain wealth or fame. There are no limits by which he may acheive this. But he may not have advanced technology, this is determined by the GM, which in effect implys that the technological level of the alien and that of its civilization may not exceed that of earth and its cultures.

17-33 Exploration: The creature is in search of new worlds, and came upon earth and its neighboring systems by chance. The goal of its exploration is determined by the player, but may include both peacful and war-like tendencises. Such as the alien is in need of a new homeworld for his race.

34-49 Accident: The creature crash landed on earth and is now stranded. There are many possiblities for expanssion on thuis basic idea which will be left to the imaginations of the players.

50-66 Kill Everybody!: The alien is a murderus madman who has decided to unleash his anger and hate upon the weak lesser beings of earth and its systems. There is no real driving point other than the character veiws the people of earth and those who associate with them as vermin who must be destroyed!

67-81 A New Life: The creature has the peacful intention of coming to earth and begining a new life. It is likly the creature will attempt to comform to the ways of earth and abide by its laws.

82-00 Hero: The alien is a superb being to that of meer humans and has nominated himself the self proclamed chapion of earth. The alien learned of the hate and coruption of man and has come to save humanity from certain destruction. Now the inflated ego of the hero is his best asset and ability. For he who is comfadent will suceed, well he should anyway.

Knowledge Of Earth: This will allow the GM to know how much knowledge the alien has of earth. This is quite helpful when role playing!

01-39 Extensive: The alien has done complex research of the cultures, languages, technology, history, and customes of earth.

40-68 Basic: The alien has some knowledge of earths present languages and cultures but the past is quite a mystery.

69-00 Earth?: Earth, where the hell is that?

Technology level: This is simular to that of the standard education level used to determine the skills of the normal races and beings for survival. The GM however may regulate the types of skills avalable to the alien due to culture and status of it civilization.

01-09: Level One: Choose 5 skills, roll d20 for each skill. Chatacter may have no advanced skills.

10-18: Level Two: Choose 10 skills, roll d20 + d10 for each skill.

19-27: Level Three: Choose 15 skills, roll d20 +d12 for each skill.

28-36: Level Four: Choose 15 skills, roll 2d20 for each skill.

37-45: Level Five: Choose 25 skills, roll 2d20 + d12 for each skill.

46-54: Level Six: Choose 25 skills, roll 3d20 for each skill.

55-63: Level Seven: Choose 30 skills, roll 3d20 +d10 for each skill.

64-72: Level Eight: Choose 35 skills, roll 3d20 + d12 for each skill. Player is able to choose espionage and other military skills.

73-81: Level Nine: Choose 35 skills, roll 4d20 for each skill.

82-90: Level Ten: Choose 40 Skills, roll 4d20 for each skill.

91-00: Level Eleven: Choose 45 skills, roll d100 for each skill.

Founds: This section will determin the founds or ammount of wealth the alien possess. The money is derived from prescious stones or minerals, revolutionary technology, or some ohter means by which the alien could gain wealth.

01-10 $100,000.00

11-20 $200,000.00

21-30 $300,000.00

31-40 $400,000.00

41-50 $500,000.00

51-60 $600,000.00

61-70 $700,000.00

71-80 $800,000.00

81-90 $900,000.00

91-00 $2,000,000.00

The Details: This section will deals with items such as equipment, weapons, and vehicles. It would be very difficult to construct a random table listing all possible weapons and equiptment, in effect the GM and player are to disscuss what the player feels neccessary and what the GM feels is possible and will not off set the initial character balance.

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