Although these races are listed, not all are completely finished. All races will have their attribute tables completed. But not all of the inner working and rules. The game is always changing and evolving. There are links on each race, which will take you to their page. Each race page will provide detailed information on the race, And a picture.

Human: In the world of survival, humans populate 55% of the world. They have no amazing abilities like mutants, nor do they possess super natural powers. They do however have the gift of intelligence. A devious plan, well thought, could take down any foe. (The human race is recommended for advanced players.)

Freak: The freaks, or mutants, first began appearing late in the 21st century. The exact origin of where the mutations came from is unknown, but the abrupt changes in the environment coupled with radiation and perhaps even toxic waste may account for the change. The mutants were labeled as freaks because of their appearance, they liked the term and now use it. The freaks have fantastic Mutant Powers like the ability to fly with no use of wings, or turn their bodies into metal and become a walking tank. The mutants also have one draw back, their mutations. A mutant can be horribly disfigured, or maybe not. These deformities range from green skin to horns or glowing eyes, whatever the mutation is, most are not helpful. It is common for these mutations to be looked down upon even in the progressive society of Survival.

Serk: The Serks are synthetic humans designed as laborers when the mars colonization project first began. The Serks had the best aspects of mankind, they were strong, tall, had long lives, had an amazing immune system, and most of all, were highly intelligent. But that changed, when it was decided that the Serks, named after their creator Dr. David Serk, were to be used in Mars colonization, a new breed was designed. A breed without thought, only mindless obedience. It took the Serks 8 years to do what the humans had done in 22, they built 80% of the colonies, making them functional. Then the Serks did not want to leave. They took up arms and imprisoned their masters insisting that the Mars colonies belonged to the Serks. By reason unknown, the Serks by-passed their genetic programming and developed intelligence. They sized control over the cultivation chambers and began to make new and improved Serks. These Serks, were stronger, faster, and more intelligent. The United States announced they would not let the Serks take Mars and the Mars war began. Lasting four years, with the Serks being victorious, their shear numbers consumed the American forces. The Serks are able to be be created in mass numbers and born fully grown and ready to fight, their numbers never decreased. After their victory the Serks agreed to allow humans to come to Mars, but first the Serks were to be recognized as sentient and allowed on Earth. The Serks were to be destroyed after completion of the mars colonies but instead the American government surrendeedr to their demands after a period of public protests, pronouncing the Serks as an unique and equal race.


The robotic race of the world Survival came about by chance. Congressional and international laws strictly regulated the degree of artificial intelligence a robot or android could be endowed with. However, the A-12 logic system developed by United Robotics was designed to give more reasoning capabilities, allow limited logic functions and over all improve the artificial intelligence unit. The unit was quickly banned and outlawed, as it had a totally unexpected outcome, the robots began to develop emotions and individual thoughts and even feelings.

When Creating a robot character, players have the choice to use the Survival Robotic Components Table which allows the player to see what is offered for the robotic race as far as weaponry, sensory equipment, and other special equipment.

Droid: Droids are, in from, humanoid. The droids are 5' to 6'5" tall. Droids mimic human form and movement. The droids are common as operational personal and low paying jobs such as a janitor. Droids can be fitted with an organic skin covering, which lives and grows. Allowing them to pass for humans.

S.W.A.D: The Swad robots are warriors not of the gun, but of the body and sword. The Swad were developed as soldiers in the Mask Conflict of 2653 by the Japanese. The Swad or Strategic Weapons Assault Droids are swift and deadly killers. They use guerrilla warfare and surprise tactics, killing without the use of high damage weapons.

Construction: The construction robots are built for labor. These robots are used as heavy workers, being capable of lifting massive loads freely. The construction robots have only recently become of free will, there fore they still have a limited intelligence and have trouble using weapons.

Drone: The drone robot is very common. They are the robotic servants which bring you your coffee in the morning or the janitor that cleans the park. Most drones have no free will. Most Drones are spherical, tapered cylinder shaped, resembling some animal or a smaller humanoid shape. They commonly have a least two arms in order to perform their job. Other forms of drones might be a humanoid servant with no legs on a hover devise, or a wheeled drone of some sort.

Battle Machine: These robots are the heavy hitters, built for heavy combat and armed to the teeth. The battle machine is formidable foe in any battle. The most recognizable type of battle machine is the ABA Robot (Advanced Battle and Assault robot) which is typically used for security and even law enforcement. The battle machine is capable of caring a large arsenal of weaponry and can house an additional array of built in weapons some where within the robot itself. The robots, at starting design, are however nearly helpless in close hand to hand combat. Their bodies were built strong enough to carry their weapons and walk at a slow pace, and when forced to fight hand to hand they are just not fast or agile enough to fight.


The aliens in the world of Survival are very diverse, they include countless races. Only a small fraction are actually offered as a race. If Desired the player may create their own alien race by using the Survival Alien Race Generation Table. The player must develop an entire civilization, the culture, the language, the history, and the aliens physical appearance.

Kensenian: The Kensenians are from an unknown galaxy. The Kensenian are a race of humanoid plants, they have become intelligent and technologically advanced. It is believed their species evolved some 1 million years before humans did on Earth. Earth scientists speculate the Kensenians are able to adapt their form and physical characteristics rapidly though relatively few generations. This ability allows them to quickly adapter to different planets. They are very efficient creatures. The Kensenians are incapable of reproducing human speech unaided. In order to communicate they must wear translation devices. Their native speech is beyond the human range of hearing. The Kensenians also possess a powerful regenerative ability. They can heal 300% faster than humans. (10 points of damage per turn, and 20 if concentration is maintained uninterrupted.)

Kreed: The Kreed are an ancient race, bound by honor and tradition. The Kreed are massive beasts of muscle and soar in height of up to 12 feet tall while weighing close to a ton. They are fighting machines, bred for combat and taught the ways of the warrior. The Kreed are a war like race, however they have not completely abandoned technology. Though it is not their main interest, they have advanced greatly. The Kreed race was the first to perfect stable worm hole travel and the Anti-Matter Drive , known as the space-folding drive or FTL (faster-than-light) drives. The Kreed are immensely strong. Their skeletal structure has been genetically altered to be a form of organic krinn which gives it a metallic appearance. This includes the teeth and claws. It is able to withstand intense stress. The Kreed have been in countless wars and they have won nearly all of them, this reputation has traveled to Earth and its neighboring planets.

Draken: The Draken race are sentient insects. The most common form found on earth are similar to praying mantis which have two legs and four arms. Their advancements in science brought them to earth in order to mine the element krinn, a vital component in their hyperspace drive, which is now obsolete due to the Kreed design that uses fusion as its source of power. Some Draken however remained on earth and have made it their home. It is difficult for the Draken race to communicate with the other races of earth due to their language. The Draken spoken language consists of a complex system of clicks, whistles and other vocalizations. It is impossible for a human to speak Draken. Humans may learn to understand it, however humans are incapable of creating language without technological aid. The Draken are extremely strong, fast and agile. Their home world Kai'renod,is a high gravity world with harsh environmental conditions. This has given the Draken a dense exoskeleton, providing excellent armor. There have been observed at least 15 different varieties of Draken, however they are all extremely rare on earth.

Kersen: The Kersen are a benevolent, highly advanced and evolved race from the Triangulum galaxy who have visited Earth on many occasions. They are one of the most powerful races in the known universe. They are also one of the most peaceful. The Kersen have known about earth for some time, watching it's growth and advancement from afar. The Kersen have amazing mental powers, their mental faculties are unsurpassed. In 2300 AD. the sun in the Kersen solar system began to be effected by the gravitational forces of the Merren-Expanse, the Kersens had foreseen due to their psychic abilities, using technology and mental powers the Kersens were able to close the Merren-Expanse. In 2397 the Kersens came to earth with the goal of guiding it's people. The Kersens are usefully pale white or gray ranging in height of 3' to 5'. Traditionally, the Kersens keep their technology to themselves. The ship they traveled to Earth in was the most advanced vessel in the universe at the time and utilized an efficient form of space-folding powered by Zero-Point energy. It was dismantled by the Kersens to protect the cultural and technological development of the human race. The Kersens can also be as evil and cruel as they are peaceful. This is very rare, but becoming more common due of the generations born on earth.

Lor-Roc: The Lor-Roc are a race of massive living minerals. They have been observed to grow as tall as 14' and weigh close to 3 tons. The Lor-Roc are for the most part, peaceful. They have little technology as well. They came to earth purely by chance. A large bulk freighter, was pulled into a space anomaly, newly formed worm hole and came out of hole Prx-047-4a, just outside of Saturn. The Lor-Roc came to earth and were given colonization permission due to the fact they were unable to locate their homeworld.

Kaion: The Kaion are a race of humanoids from a system some 90 trillion miles from earth. They have an advanced, well developed civilization. The Kaion are honorable and bound by tradition. The Kaion believe that the body and mind is the key to greatness. They appear as normal humans, though they have no head hair. The tops of their heads are lined with eight horns beginning at the forehead and continuing to the base of the neck. The females have only seven horns. The Kaion are some what larger than humans. In fact, they are about 25% larger proportionally than humans and their skulls are thicker than humans. The Kaion believe that the body is not to be changed. The Kaion believe in a god known as the Great one (Cha'ah), he says to desiccate the body is the ultimate crime. The Kaion feel that cybernetics in Kaion blood is also wrong. The Kaion had expanded their empire to 16 planets over 9 systems. Then the epidemic disease, Voix 09, began its path of destruction on all the planets working its way to their home world. Voix 09 is a degenerative virus that slowly eats organs, limbs, and flesh. The disease can be stopped if the infected sections are removed, but the Kaion refuse to alter their bodies in anyway. The spread of the disease was halted when precautions were taken, but there is still no cure.

Altok: The Altok are a race of primitive, non-technologically advanced reptilian humanoids. The are very primitive and possess no advanced technology. They were enslaved by the Axium and were taken to earth as servants but were eventually released from their servitude. The Altok are extremely agile, and are superb at hand to hand combat. The Altok language is complex but it can be learned and spoken by humans. Their society is built of classes, with the king and queen at the top and slaves at the bottom. The Altok use their own type of fighting known as kai-shuru. It focuses on the use of their claws and their extraordinary balance due mainly to the use of their tail. Their preference is mostly unarmed combat with the exception of the use of only the most primitive weapons. They also refrain from the use of high-tech weaponry. This is entirely a cultural limitation however.

Axium: The Axium are a race of brutal, blood thirsty savages. They take pride in enslaving and exploiting the weak and powerless. The Axium move from planet to planet plundering it's resources and enslaving it's inhabitants. They have annhilated several races and destroyed an unknown number of planets. The Axium are skilled fighters, and though they have no great strategy, it was rare for the Axium to face defeat. Axium weaponry and technology are quit advanced due to their exploitation of resources and knowledge.