01. Odd eye color: White
02. Excessive body hair
03. Odd skin color: Green
04. Ambidextrous
05. Odor
06. Forked tongue
07. Animal features: Ape
08. Elongated facial features
09. Rage
10. Malformation
11. Nostril slits
12. Elongated arms and large hands
13. Odd hair color: Blue
14. Animal features: Beast
15. Hemophilia
16. Extra fingers
17. Odd eye color: Red
18. Bodily Scales
19. No eyelids
20. Animal features: Bird
21. Cold blooded
22. Metabolism
23. Obsessive Compulsive
24. Magnet
25. Giant
26. Eunuch
27. Odd eye color: Glowing blue
28. Odd skin color: Black
29. Fangs
30. Third eye
31. Segmented eyes
32. Animal features: Reptile
33. Dense skin
34. Nocturnal
35. Radioactive
36. Toxic expulsion
37. Dwarf
38. Extra set of arms
39. Odd eye color: Solid yellow
40. Animal features: Bear
41. Odd hair color: Green
42. Long Life
43. Amplified pain
44. Anti-Empathy
45. Animal features: Insect
46. Amphibian
47. Odd eye color: Solid blue
48. Hideous skin
49. Engorged limb
50. Large mouth
51. Excrete slime
52. Odd hair color: Bright red
53. Undeveloped twin
54. Large eyes
55. Prehensile tail
56. Sharp teeth
57. Stocky
58. Odd eye color: Solid black
59. Translucent skin
60. Odd hair color: Orange
61. Tall
62. Hunch back
63. Large nose
64. Stomach orifice
65. Odd skin color: Purple
66. Animal features: Dog
67. No facial features
68. No bodily hair
69. Quadruped
70. Glow
71. Horns
72. Spiked skin
73. Odd hair color: Purple
74. Emotional adrenaline
75. Three fingered claws
76. Mute
77. Eat anything!
78. Flaky skin
79. High body temperature
80. Webbed hands and feet
81. Odd eye color: Glowing red
82. Bloom
83. Bonny growths
84. Odd hair color: White
85. Single eye
86. Color blind
87. Animal features: Cat
88. Odd eye color: Glowing green
89. Antennae
90. Extremely long tongue
91. Compression
92. Odd skin color: Blue
93. Hammerhead
94. Lumpy skin
95. Odd skin color: Dark red
96. Skin folds
97. Odd eye color: Solid green
98. Thick fleshy hair
99. No ears
00. No mutation

01. Odd eye color: White: Character has solid white eyes with no pupils. The vision is not impaired in anyway.

02. Excessive body hair: The character suffers from hypertrychosis. The entire body is covered in thick fur like hair. The character may shave the hair but it grows very quickly.

03. Odd skin color: Green: The character�s skin is green.

04. Ambidextrous: The character is able to use both his left and right hands with equal skin. The character is capable of doing more complex tasks as well.

05. Odor: The character emits a strong odor from the pours in the skin. The odor is similar to that of decaying tissue or animal flesh. It is extremely pungent and repulsive.

06. Forked tongue: the character has a forked tongue. He is capable of tasting chemical traces in the air, much like that of a snake.

Animal features: Ape: The character has many of the physical characteristics of a primate. In particular, those of an ape. The character�s arms are longer proportionally. His legs are short and his body quite stocky.

08. Elongated facial features: The character�s face is much longer and slender than that of a normal human's would be.

09. Rage: The character is extremely high strung. He often will overreact to stress and annoyance. The character has a very low mental endurance (-10) and will resort to violence over reason.

10. Malformation: The character is completely misshapen. The jaw and teeth may be unaligned. There may be random paths or bald spots on the head. One eye could be larger than the other and there might even be a hunch. At any rate, its pretty damn nasty.

11. Nostril slits: The character has no nose, in the place of a nose there are two nostril slits. Similar to a reptile or even a skull.

12. Elongated arms and large hands: The character has massive long arms. The hands too are quite large. The hands and arms are so long that the will drag on the ground when the character walks. Also the character's back has become slumped to accompany the weight of the massive limbs.

13. Odd hair color: Blue: All of the character's body hair is naturally blue.

14. Animal features: Beast: The character exhibits the physical traits of a beast. This means the character has protruding fang like teeth, excessive body hair, a slight hunch in his posture, and a thick protruding brow.

15. Hemophilia: The character suffers from the now extremely rare blood disorder hemophilia. His blood is unable to clot on its own. The character must receive constant injections of a coagulant inhibitor in order for his blood to clot. If the character does not receive these injections then his blood will not clot. It is then possible for the character to bleed to death from an bruse or cut.

16. Extra fingers: The character has d6 extra fingers on each hand.

17. Odd eye color: Red: The character's pupils are naturally red.

18. Bodily Scales: The character has scales over hid entire body, much like those of a reptile. Especially those of a lizard. The back scales are considerably more durable than the underbelly. +25% total body points.

19. No eyelids: In place of eye lids the character has a thin translucent fleshy film with covers them. The character can never closes his eyes.

20. Animal features: Bird: The character exhibits the physical traits of a bird. This includes feathers, soft down on the underbelly, and a beek and wings.

21. Cold blooded: The character is naturally cold blooded much like a reptile. He is unable to generate his own body heat. And extreme temperatures will cause great harm to the character, but he wont even know it.

22. Metabolism: The character has an extremely fast metabolism. This means he must eat several times a day.

23. Obsessive Compulsive: The character suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. This may rang from constant movement or the obsession with neatness and organization.

24. Magnet: The character generates an unusually high magnetic field. Light weight metallic objects will actually stick to his skin.

25. Giant: The character is a giant. At least 10 feet tall. +100% to body points.

26. Eunuch: The character has no sexual organs, needless to say they also have no sex drive.

27. Odd eye color: Glowing blue: The character has solid blue glowing eyes.

28. Odd skin color: Black: The character's skin is pitch black.

29. Fangs: The character's incisors are unusually long, appearing as fangs.

30. Third eye: The character has a third eye, it may be located any where on the face.

31. Segmented eyes: The character has eyes like a snail! They can be retracted or extended at will, they can also move independently of one another.

32. Animal features: Reptile: The character has many features resembling that of a reptile. Such as sharp teeth, claws, scales, retile-like eyes, and a tail. +10 Agility, +20% overall body points.

33. Dense skin: The character's skin is considerably dense, yet still flexible. +50% to body points.

34. Nocturnal: The character is only active at night, and finds it very difficult to function during the day.

35. Radioactive: The character is slightly radioactive. Not to the extent as to harm humans though.

36. Toxic expulsion: The character constantly expels a highly toxic oil from his skin. +20% to Save VS Poisons/Toxins.

37. Dwarf: The character is a dwarf, with a height under 4 foot 5 inches.

38. Extra set of arms: The Character has and Extra set of fully functioning arms located anywhere on the body.

39. Odd eye color: Solid yellow: The character has solid yellow eyes.

40. Animal features: Bear: The character has many features resembling that of a Bear. Including full thick bodily hair, claws and an elongated snout.

41. Odd hair color: Green The character has Green body hair.

42. Long Life: The Character ages much more slowly than a normal human. The character will appear 10 to 20 years younger than he actually is. Add and additional 50 years to his lifespan.

43. Amplified pain: All pain felt by the character is considerably increased. The slightest cut or abrasion can cause hours of pain.

44. Anti-empathy: The character's emotions are directly influenced by those of the people around him. If a strong emotion is taking place in someone near him there is a 50% chance the character will share in that emotion. (use percentile)

45. Animal features: Insect: The character has many features resembling that of a Insect. Including a dense exoskeleton, and a segmented body.

46. Amphibian: The character and breath both water and air with ease. The character however prefers water over land whenever possible.

47. Odd eye color: Solid blue: The character has Solid Blue eyes.

48. Hideous skin: The character's skin is covered with boils, scabs, and cysts. There are also large patches of discoloration. -10 physical beauty.

49. Engorged limb: One of the character's limbs is 50% larger than normal. +20 str in that limb.

50. Large mouth: The character has and unusually large mouth.

51. Excrete slime: The character constantly Excretes a clear slime from his skin.

52. Odd hair color: Bright red: The character has Bright red body hair.

53. Undeveloped twin: The character has an undeveloped twin attached to his body at some point.

54. Large eyes: The character has huge eyes.

55. Prehensile tail: The character has a prehensile tile like a primate, it is fully movable and can support his full body weight.

56. Sharp teeth: The character has sharp teeth like that of a shark.

57. Stocky: The character is considerably stocky. -20% to height.

58. Odd eye color: Solid black: The character has solid black eyes.

59. Translucent skin: The character has transparent skin, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause serious damage.

60. Odd hair color: Orange: The character has orange hair.

61. Tall: The character is abnormally tall. +30% to height.

62. Hunch back: The character has a large malformation on his back.

63. Large nose: The Character has a big ass nose.

64. Stomach orifice: The character has an orifice on the stomach which can ingest food.

65. Odd skin color: Purple: Character has Purple skin .

66. Animal features: Dog: The character has many features resembling that of a Dog. Including the ability to walk on all fours, an elongated snout, fur, and keen hearing and smell.

67. No facial features: The character has a smooth flat face, void of description and Features. The eyes are small and beady, and the nostrils and mouth are small slits.

68. No bodily hair: The character has no body hair, and I mean no body hair.

69. Quadruped: Character walks on four legs naturally, and finds it difficult to stand on 2 legs.

70. Glow: The character admits a dim glow, player's choice of color.

71. Horns: The character has 2 horns extending from the forehead. Any length under 1 foot and over 2 inches. They can be of any design the player wishes.

72. Spiked skin: The character has many small 1/4 inch spikes covering the entire body.

73. Odd hair color: Purple: Character has Purple body hair.

74. Emotional adrenaline: Any emotion the character feels is increased three or four times stronger than it would normally be. If they are happy, they will go to great lengths to display it, if they are angry they will do the same.

75. Three fingered claws: The character has 3 digits on each hand with long sharp claws.

76. Mute: The character is completely incapable of speaking.

77. Eat anything!: The character is able to digest basically anything he can fit in his mouth.

78. Flaky skin: The character has nasty flaky skin. It will clot up in white patches and flake off.

79. High body temperature: The character's normal body temperature is around 150 degrees.

80. Webbed hands and feet: The character has webbed hands and feet. A small section of thin skin connects each digit.

81. Odd eye color: Glowing red: The character has dim glowing red eyes.

82. Bloom: Character exhibits some the common features of plantlife, such as green skin and leaf and vine like growths instead of hair

83. Bonny growths: The character has bonny growths protruding randomly from he skin.

84. Odd hair color: White: The character has white body hair.

85. Single eye: The character has one large eye located in the center of the face.

86. Color blind: The character sees in actual black, white, and shades of gray.

87. Animal features: Cat: The character has many features resembling that of Cat. Including fur, claws, an elongated face, and a long tail.

88. Odd eye color: Glowing green: The character has dim glowing green eyes.

89. Antennae: The character has a set of insect like antennae that extend from the head. They are sensitive to sound and vibration.

90. Extremely long tongue: The character has an extremely long tongue. It is nearly 4 times normal length.

91. Compression: The character can, at will, halve his height and size for a short time (d6 turns).

92. Odd skin color: Blue: The character has blue skin.

93. Hammerhead: The character has a an odd shaped head, similar to a hammerhead shark.

94. Lumpy skin: The character has small lumps of various size all over the skin.

95. Odd skin color: Dark red: The character has dark red skin.

96. Skin folds: The character has loose skin which create fold and rolls.

97. Odd eye color: Solid green: The character has solid green eye without pupils.

98. Thick fleshy hair: The character has several large strands of skin which extend from his head, similar to squid tentacles.

99. No ears: The character has no ears, merely small holes in the head.

00. No mutation: The character has no mutation of any kind. (This cancels the effects of other mutations)

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