ADM: ADM or Autonomous Defense Module is a shielding system designed to be an upgrade for environmental personal force fields. The system consists of a computer based environmental monitoring system and a neuro-response reader that attempts to anticipate the location of an unavoidable attack to the host. By anticipating the location of the attack, the ADM system will temporary reroute power from the over-all structural integrity of the force field to one small concentrated area with the hope of reducing the damage or outright deflecting the attack.

Beta-matter: The IAF has developed a method of altering matter on a quantum level. As a result of their research and experimentation on mutants, the IAF discovered that matter from a particular alternate universe has a quantum signature that matches that of Invulnerable mutants. They have developed ballistic and edged weapons based on this technology. The process is involved, lengthy, and expensive. The IAF issues modified pistols to their officers that carry beta-matter rounds. Additionally, the IAF's assault unites each carry one clip of beta-matter rounds for their weapon.

combat-area: Sometimes referred to as "arm's reach" or "immediate effect area" the combat area is the space in which short distance, single attack-per-turn actions take place. Such as hand to hand combat. The range of hand held weapons is often listed with this term.

Invulnerability: As to what makes certain mutants invulnerable has been a source of debate for some time now, but what is known is that these mutant's posses a rare quantum signature slightly out of phase with the normal universe. The effects of this are their molecular bonds can not be severed by anything with a quantum signature of this universe.

This means that invulnerable mutants cannot be harmed in the conventional sense. They also cannot be poisoned or suffocated. The effects of those attacks ultimately cause cellular damage and an invulnerable mutant's cells can not be harmed. If an invulnerable mutant is without oxygen for long enough duration that they lose consciousness, however they can be revived with simple CPR up to 8 hours after the fact. There are however a few rules and exceptions of invulnerability: 

. Quantum realignment due to death: If an invulnerable mutant dies their quantum signature will begin a process of realignment until they are completely vulnerable and begin to decay. This process begins at around 12 hours after death and culminates at or around 50 hours after death. This process is what allows invulnerable mutants to have normal hygiene. Body hair that is above the skin is dead, and can be groomed with high strength metal.

        . Psyonic attacks: Invulnerable mutants are not immune to psyonics that target the mind.

        . Beta-matter: A technology developed by the IAF to combat Invulnerability.

MatGen: The MatGen is a device for generating food from energy. In the 28th century most food is generated with a MatGen rather than grown. A MatGen (matter generator) uses a process known as subatomic generation which works by generating and then rearranging subatomic particles to form the molecules required by the formula at hand.

The device converts energy into the matter required and does so from a fusion power source. The device then arranges the molecules in accordance with the formula to finally create a substance. This same process is used when creating exotic and custom materials for Quantum manipulation, however subatomic generation is unable to reproduce matter at a quantum level. Information is stored at a molecular level, and the process has been known to create discrepancies in the final product, which has lead to the frequent complaints of some connoisseurs that MatGened food and drinks have a substandard taste.

Merren Expanse: The Merren Expanse was a large tear in the fabric of space time that originated from within a parallel universe (known as the Realm of Further Darkness). Caused by the collapse of several large stars, the quantum singularity grew exponentially until space-time itself was ruptured and it began effecting our own universe in the Triangulum galaxy. The event caused several entire solar systems to be destroyed as well as the cataclysmic collisions of stars. The event was eventually stopped at great cost be the Kersens, but not before they lost their home world and billions of lives. The Merren Expanse destroyed the home star system of the Axium as well.

Realm of Further Darkness: The Realm of Further Darkness is a universe parallel to that of survival. Several physical laws that are common within our own universe either do not exist, or do not apply there. There is forever darkness and photons do not emit light, but absorb it. The creatures that inhabit the realm are hideous monstrosities wreathed in tentacles and unimaginable evil. The cult of The Dark Circle worship one of the creatures who is trapped within the realm.

UARC: The united Alien Race Council (UARC) is an interplanetary organization that describes itself as a "galactic association of planets facilitating co-operation in interplanetary law, security, economic development, and social equity." It was founded in 2392 at the signing of the United Planets Charter by the Governments of Earth and those of the Kersens.

As of 2765 there exist 29 Alien Races within the Council, as well as several recognized independent planets and moons whose populations vary. From its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan on Earth, the UARC's member planets and specialized agencies give guidance and decide on substantive and administrative issues in regular meetings held throughout each year. The organization is divided into administrative bodies, including the UARC General Assembly, UARC Security Council, UARC Economic and Social Council, UARC Trusteeship Council, UARC Secretariat, and the Interplanetary Court of Justice, as well as counterpart bodies dealing with the governance of all other UARC system agencies, such as the GHO. The UARC's most visible public figure, acting also as the representative of the body, is the Secretary-General, currently being Kersen Ru'Sef Gedar.

The UARC was founded after the arrival of the Kersens on Earth. Within 100 years of their arrival, other advanced races began to contact earth or journey to the galaxy