HomeWorld: Kel Chot

Average Height: 6'

Average Weight: 160 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 110 Years

Native Language: Yelen and Keltok


The Altok are extremely agile and fast. Their reporductive cycle is twice as fast as humans and they normally birth no more than two live offspring at a time. The Altok also have keen vision and sharp reflexes. The Altok have an extremely fast regenerative ability allowing them to regrow lost limbs and even eyes. They can heal 10 times as fast as any human.


The Altok are a race of primitive, non-technologically advanced reptilian humanoids from the Triangulum galaxy. Their home world of Kel-Chot was invaded by Axium forces in 2116 AD. The Axium were interested in a rare element found only on the Altok's world. When the element turned out to be useless and the Axium enslaved the Altok. The Axium soon moved in their mobile cities and turned the once peaceful and low-tech Kel-Chot into yet another Axium outpost. The Altok ceased to exist natively on Kel-Chot some years later. The Altok were slaves, sold as property and forced into hard labor. Axium scientists used the Altok for biological experiments and war games. As a people, the Axium placed no value on the life of an Altok beyond their ability to work.

In 2499 the Axium first came in contact with Earth and the Alliance of Planets (now UARC). Some Altok escaped and claimed asylum in Earth. The Axium empire was but a shell of it's once mighty past, so they could do nothing. As the Axium culture and empire slowly disintegrated, they had no choice but to join the Alliance and meet their terms. One of which was to free the Altok. The Altok now consider Earth their home and they greatly respect Human kind. It has been nearly 250 years since the Altok were freed, most have embraced technology, but there are still those who keep a distance from it.