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Mutant or Freak

HomeWorld: Earth

Average Height: 6'4

Average Weight: 200 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 160 Years

Native Language: English


The biology of the freak is very simular to that of the Human. The only major difference is the metabolism of the Freak. Their bodies require much more energy than the typical human. Thus the eat more and burn caleries faster. The physical deformities which make the Freaks what they are also set them apart from mankind.


Shortly after World War III the first "Freaks" began appearing in Japan. Children born with odd skin or hair color, scales, tails, and seemingly unnatural eye colors came first. Later the same happened in other places all around the world, Russia, China, America, and South America as well. The deformities were hard enough for people to accept, but when these mutants began manifesting powers the scare began. Held down by the bonds of prejudice the mutants were made into virtual slaves. Riots and protests by mutant advocates soon engroced the world. In the fear that mutant upraising would destroy what remained of humanity members of the Humanist Colilition began capturing and enprisoning all mutants and mutant sympathizers. The Unitied Nations soon intervened and with a few minor battles, the Mutant Prison Camps were destoryed. The Strugle the mutants faced in the later half of the 21th century was nothing in compairison what they felt in the face of the IAF. It began in eastern Europe in 2651, a massive battalion of soliders armed with superior weaponry stormed across Europe killing all non-human races. A score of refugees from Europe and Russia flooding into Japan and the southern United States. Over the past 100 years mutants and other non-humans in the United state and Japan has become a more accepted part of life.