HomeWorld: Earth

Average Height: 6'3

Average Weight: 190 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 70 Years

Native Language: Japanese


The SWAD are a combination of living snythetic tissue and advanced nano-machanics. Their muscle and infrastucture are enhanced with wetware and cybernetics. The SWAD's skin is also special. Its originally designed to be a flexible alloy for solor probs. Because of this, the SWAD are nearly completely immune to heat and plasma attacks. The SWAD also have an impressive array of optics and sensory equiptment.


The SWAD were the first Assault droid to use the A-12 advanced logic chip. During the Mask War the SWAD became a fearsome force. Their Guerrilla warfare tactics and sophisticated startagy hindered the So'lon Mask Clan's attacks and enviably won the war. The SWAD are extremely agile and and swift, and they use various adaptations of acient japanese weapons. Since the SWAD appear more human and are normally quite and withdrawn society does not treat them as harshly as other robots.