HomeWorld: Kerna

Average Height: 4'

Average Weight: 70 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 610 Years

Native Language: Kernes


The Kersens are a very acient race, and their minds are extremely evolved. They do not reproduce in the strictest sense; continuity as a species is maintained through a process of cloning. It is believed that that the Kersens may altered their anatomy to suit earth several million years ago when they foresaw the desruction of their home world. And for that reason their biology is very close to that of humans. They however lack body hair and sexual organs. All Kersen have power mental psionic abilities.


The Kersens were the first alien race to arrive on earth. They informed the people of earth that they had been chosen to recieve them. The Merren-Expanse forced the Kersens to leave their galaxy. Unlike other highly advanced races, the Kersens chose to not populate many planets. In 2019 The Axium launched a massive attack on Kerna, though the Axium were defeated and eventually turned back, the Kersens suffered heavy losses. After that attack the Kersens assembled a massive defensive fleat of ships. The ships were cause enough for the Axium, and all other war like races to stay away form Kerna and the Kersens. The Kersens came to earth some years later, and with the exception of a few, they are peacful and passive beings.