HomeWorld: Ba'rah

Average Height: 8'7

Average Weight: 420 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 115 Years

Native Language: Ba'ren


The Axium are a race of war. They are able to adapt quickly to a new environment as they can breath nearly any combination of atmospheric chemicals. Their anatomy is also quite unique. The renderm located just above the three chambered lungs converts and filters air that is breathed. The Axium also have no eyelids. A protective layer of tissue covers the eye. Giving it a solid grey or solid black appearance. The eye itself has no puple, but in its place a complex system of optic nerves that receive visual data directly, these however are hidden due to the protective layer. The Axium's body is hard and layered, much like that of a crustation. Bah'Ra was a harsh ravished desert planet.


The Axium were once the most powerful and feared force in universe. The Axium stole fusion and space folding technology from the peaceful Kersens many centuries ago. Using this new found knowledge the Axium forced their way through seven systems and destroyed or enslaved all who opposed. As their influence spread as did their power. Each culture they encountered held technology and resources which the Axium readily exploited. In the course of 200 years the Axium had captured 38 inhabitable planets and destroyed an unknown number. Then in 2300 AD the the Merren-Expanse a massive quantum event, began to envelope the Din'jin Ka system, which held Ba'rah. The Axium were completely helpless. Countless lives were lost and the Axium empire was reduced to a mere 4 planets. Without the great commerce generated by their once massive empire the Axium's power dwindled. Then in 2519 the Axium joined the United Alien Races Council with much controversy, Allowing them to inhabit its planets. Although the Axium's past has been left behind, it is not forgotten. Most still scorn and persecute the Axium. Races like the Altok who were enslaved by the Axium also make life on Earth difficult.