Home World: Earth

Average Height: 6'

Average Weight: 170 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 80 Years

Native Language: English


The droid robot first appeared in the early 25th century. Originally designed as a simple layborers. Soon advancements in artifical intelligence allowed for tasks of a higher degree to be proformed by driods, such as teachers, machanics, pilots, ect. Though their intelligence still lacked the power of the human mind, the droid became very common. Then towards the close of the 27th century, a logic chip, the A-12 chip, was designed in the hopes of giving more reasoning capabilities, allowing limited logic fuctions and over all improve the artifical intelligence unit. But it gave a totally unexpected outcome instead. The robots were now able to learn. As they interacted more with living creature they become more like them. The robots began to develope emotions and indevidual thoughts and even feelings. Over time through long debates and analysis robots enhanced with the A-12 chip were accepted as living thinking, feeling, creatures. But robots are still considered machines by most. Robot activist groups like the RLS, Robotic Liberation Society, still fight for the freedom which beings of flesh clame today.