HomeWorld: Orinis

Average Height: 10'5

Average Weight: 1120 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 110 Years

Native Language: Orinic


The Lor-Roc's home world Orinis is nearly the size of Jupiter. Their atmosphere is that of the harshest desert on earth many times over. The temperture ranges from sub-freezing to nearly 500 degrees F, Thus the Lor-Roc's skin. The Lor-Roc also require very little oxygen and have an overly slow metabolism.


Lor-Roc is the name they chose for them selves when their fraight ship landed on earth. Known as the Geristeniens on their homeworld. The Lor-Roc changed their name in tradition of their race. As new worlds are found the old must become the new. The Lor-roc live by a code of peacful laws governed by their religion. They are not technologicly advanced by any means, and their arrival on earth was complete chance. A large bulk fraghtor, using some form of solid rocket engine, was pulled into a newly formed worm hole and came out of hole Prx-023-4, just outside of saturn. The Lor-Roc came to earth and were given colonization permition.