HomeWorld: Earth

Average Height: 6'

Average Weight: 150 .lbs

Life Expectacy: 180 Years

Native Language: English

The biology of the Psi-Sorcerer is similar to that of the human. The only major difference is their metabolism. Their bodies require much more energy than the typical human. Thus they eat more and burn calories faster. The Psi-Sorcerers also almost always have a solid eye color with no visible puple. They also have use of a larger portion of their brains than humans.

While the Freaks were persecuted heavily during the later half of the 21th century, the Psi-sorcerers felt no such wrath. Known as "normies" because of their lack of special abilities. These mutants were highly intelligent and had no physical deformities. Not until the The Second Coming of magic did the Psi-sorcerers come to be. After the great darkness left the earth the once powerless mutants awoke to a new age of of power. Their keen intellect allowed the Psi-Sorcerers to draw forth magical energy stored within the invisible web of magic that encased the globe. The Psi-Sorcerers also learned of their ability to absorb mental psionic energy released upon death of any intelligent being. They also learned that the more of this energy they possessed the greater the power they could wield. And so began their new lives. Many of the Psi-sorcerers who wanted more of this power turned to murder, and still others lived like vultures sucking the life from the sick and dying. The scientific community still believes that the magic powers held by the Psi-sorcerers are a form of Psionics or ESP. Banding together like the ancient Houses of magic from earth's former past clans and gangs soon formed. Viewing themselves as higher beings, the next step in evolution, the Psi-sorcerers still wage a silent war aginst the other races viewing them as nothing more than food.

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