Much of the past has been forgotten, lost, forgotten or twisted. Today few know the truth about what once was. The past is shielded in the supernatural and unimaginable power.

As for the birth of magic, the year and place is all but lost. That which is known is that the Acient One's, the first race of the world of Agaron created magic some 10,000 years B.C. The acient ones bestowed their magic to the lesser ones, the mortals of Bi-Agaron (Earth). This magic was a special power, for only those of pure blood could use it. The Acient ones gave six mortals the power. These mortals formed a bloodline known as Azmar which lasted for 100 years.

After this time, Azmar broke into 7 smaller houses or familes. Each specializing in their own forms of magic. The houses, Rameer, Gistal, Chismul, Bel'loc, Gor'ron, Ecaress, and Azmar began a battle for control over the Soul Gates and thier power. The soul gates are a passage way to all the dimensions, and the controller of the soul gates is immortal and will hold a masery of all six magics. The battle lastered for 147 years, and became known as the First Freat War. The war left three houses destroyed and the remaining four in ruins. The secretes of the Soul Gates were lost, as were the houses Bel'loc, Gor'ron, and Ecaress. The remaining houses fell into hiding and watched helplessly has their powers slowly faded until they were nearly gone. This was known as the Great Leaving. The Great Leaving left all magics weak and nothing more than simple palor tricks.

The rest of the earth's history continues as it is written. For magic did not surface again until the Second Coming in 2649.

Where on earth, few major battles took place from the time of the Great Leaving and the second coming; in the world of Ageron the battle for all time was raging. The two weaker races, the Dwarves and the Elves were waring for control of the Soul Gates of their world. The battle began in the year AD 649 by Earth's time. The elves possesed the gates and were using them to exploite other dimensions by emslavement and mining. The Dwarves wanted the Soul-Gates inorder to potect the universe from those like the elves. Some time near that of 1600 AD earth year, the Dwarves successfully recovered the only Keys to the Soul-Gates. This effectivly disabled the Soul-Gates, for without a keys they were useless. This was only the staging point for countless battles to follow.

The second Great War lasted some 2000 years, and at the dawn of its demise the elves stormed the Dwarven isle of Kare' where the keys were held. The Elves then proceded to open all 14 gates at once. The 14 Soul-Gates were positioned at key points on the globe. Once the Soul-Gates were opened a massive collapse and implosion began. The gates turned in on themselves and tore holes in the fabric of Space-Time until the wholes merged. Ageron collapsed in on itself until only a small portion of the entire universe remained. The world of Ageron was completely destroyed and it's energy merged with that of Earth's. This event braught forth the Second coming on earth and left the First Race of Ageron, the Ancient Ones, alone in a destroyed, ruined, shard of their former universe. The Elves and Dwarves were also destroyed.

As the Soul-Gates were destroyed a new ring of gates formed on earth, The Mind-Gates. The Mind-Gates are smaller weaker passage ways to the dimensions. The Mind-Gate's access to the dimensions is random and as of now can not be controlled.