The Dark Circle is one of the most powerful and elusive organizations in existence. They are a cult of evil. Following an unseen being, calling himself "The Dark One" they do his bidding without thought. The members of the Dark Circle hoard magical and mystical weapons for use by their army of ever growing minions and demons. The Dark One is actually an ancient Demon from the Realm of Further Darkness, an alternate universe of earth. He was banished to oblivion 100,000 years ago. He can not directly influence the world of Survival, only communicate with his followers. He is preparing them for his return, by making certain important events fall into place. Recently a force of powerful Demons from the Realm of Further Darkness began a massive battle on the Circle. Although they eventually won the war, their numbers were greatly reduced. But their influence is still strong, weakened they may be.

Copyright © 2008 Charles Bird.