Molecular Teleportatiion has been an old dream of science fiction and fantasy. In the late 24th century, break throughs in beamed enegry science and computer technology allowed reasearchers to teleport matter as beamed streams of focused energy. But when these beams, known as matter streams, were obstructed the matter would be displaced into fundimental particles or ramdom radiation. Because of the dangerous and uncertain outcome of Molecular Teleportatiion, experiments cesed until the mid 25th century when Sub-Space was brought to light by the arival of the Kersens to Earth. Using Sub-Space, matter could be beamed safly under protection of antimatter energy fields. Antimatter fields must be produced to shield the matter from the dangers of Sub-Space travel, thus large ammounts of power are needed and the cost is considerable. Though the technology for Molecular Teleportatiion exists, it is not commonly used.

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