A gift from the heavens. That is what the science of sub-sapce travel is. It was first realized that a space within space-time existed when the kersen's arived on earth. They had traveled countless miles in instant time. The Kersens culture is the first to actually master Space Folding.

A rotating magnetic field focuses a narrow beam of gravitons, these in turn fold space-time until the space-time curvature becomes infinitely large, which produces a singularity. The singularity ruptures the diamentional barriar in sub-space creating a passage way through space-time to a corresponding point elsewhere in real space. The passage way allows both points, the point of origin and the destination point, to co-exist in the same time and space. The vessel then passes through the gateway emerging on the other side and space returns to normal.

Although the concept behind space folding is simple. The science is not. Only small portions of space-time is capable of being breached. The Breach must be maintained according to the mass vs. approuch volocity of the vessel folding space. The energy required to actually fold space is great. All crafts are prohibited from folding space near inhabited planets, thus space crafts must fold space in certain areas. So additional energy must be used to power the fusion drives into Clear Space. The graviton beam and containment field are powered by a Zero Point Energy drive. This is independent of the fusion purpulsion drive. All these systems are quite costly, so space folding is rare.

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