Okay, I have been bad about updating this section. In the past few months the player group and I have been working on a re-write of the Survival: Agaroth fantasy system and game setting.

From the work done there, we created a new character sheet, which I feel is the best character sheet ever made for all time. Because of the huge change in this new character sheet, I created a new Character Sheet Described page.

Also, we are working on the new site behind the scenes and will have some cool stuff like a character generator and game play aides.

I have uploaded the first draft of the equipment list. This thing has been a long time coming and it's still far from done. Nimrod has yet to add his ideas to it, but I figured I should get it online.

I have modified the class system in an effort to streamline character creation and specialization. I have created skills packs for the basic and advanced military education selections. The class system has been changed so that only military educations can become mercenaries and assassins.

In the sake of game play balance, I have updated and adjusted the Attacks Per Turn rules, as well as implemented a new defense mechanism for players called ADM which should allow for characters with a single attack per turn the chance to deal with someone who has multiple attacks per turn. Additionally I have split the armor and force field sections and I have expanded the force field options a good deal.

Over the last year I have been updating the site, ninja style. I have added updates for lots of rules. First thing was I moved the attributes over to a 100 base system. This makes things much more logical and finally allows for The bonus table to work and exist. I updated SPCGen with the new rules as well. So far I have also finalized the information for the IAF's Elite Forces Officer, which can now be seen under the NPC section. I have some new players for my local campaign and I'm very excited to get back into regular sessions. Some of the new players include my long time friend Mike Lawrence, and also new friend Oliver Wilkerson. Both of whom are gifted programmers and have expressed interest in bringing some new features and tools to my game and site. So Look for some cool stuff, eventually.

Today I rewrote some of the Day to Day material found under the The People link in the World Section. I just updated some of the termonlogy and made a way better illustration of the night sky.

I updated a lot of stuff today. I made some story revisions to the Races Section, particuallry the Axium , Altok and the Kersen I changed the history, and appearance of the Altok and the Kersen. The Kersen are now the more traditional grey aliens, which helps tie in their story more. Also, I made the Altok reptilian. I did this because I thought their previous state of being cat-like was sort of gay now.

Also, I added 3 new entires to the Glossary. Check it out.

I have updated the Experience Point Table as well as the World Map and I also included a high res (vector) PDF copy for download.

So far today I have edited the Mutant Abilities List adding some more details and rounding out some abilities. I also added some leveling up details.

I have added a Glossary of terms and detailed definitions that will expand on the current content. I will periodically update the glossary itself, as well as add links to the definitions from within existing content. Also, I updated SPCGen with the new Mutant Abilities and removed the races we no longer use. One more thing, I finally added the Attacks Per Turn rules. They are no longer optional.

I added Jump-Gates to the Tech section.

I added Particle Acceleration to the Tech section.

I added Nanotechnology to the Tech section. I've been working on the Space Combat, that shit is taking longer than I thought. I've been going though the site and correcting broken links, or updating them and such. As I stated below, I've been working on the Races section some too. The following aliens now have current illustations: Kensenian, Kaion, Kreed, and the Draken .

I updated the Races section with some massive spelling, punctuation and grammar changes. Seems I spoke like a retard in 9th grade when I wrote it. I also added new artwork for the Battle Mech

So it took me 4 years and 10 months to update this section. Sorry about that. The good news is I've started work on Survival again. I've redesigned the site, and I'm doing things every week due to free time. Since 2001 I've changed a few jobs and moved about, as well as gotten married. So, I'm a completely different person in most respects. My new place of work is cool, and one of my friends there is a badass artist. He has taken several of my sketches and turned them into excellent drawings, completing the alien section. With his help I want to finish all the races and artwork. I've also started work on new rules and discriptions, such as Space Combat rules. So, lets get some damn work done.

Over the past week I've been on break from a very tough and busy quater of school. I've got two more weeks and I plan to continue to use the wisely. After some hard work and player testing the Cybernetics list is actually finished, amazing as it may seem the list was proposed by me back in 7/27/98. Took me long enough. There are some cool illustrations in there also which I spent a good deal of time on. I really want to create a working bonus table, but with the current stat system that will be hard. So I've decided to revise the stat system and base every stat on a scale of 100. Good luck to me.

I created a new illustration for the SWAD robot. I also moved the original illustration to the gallery because it was so damn cool.

There has been much work going on behind the scenes as usual. There were 21 files added or altered in this update. Firstly, I created a new illustration for the Humans in the Races section. I also removed the remaining super natural races from the list. The Serks now have their race page done complete with a super neat illustration. I also re-worked some of the lettering in the races themselves, that is still under way. I ran spell checks on some of the older documents and made the needed changes and I also made changes to the IAF as directed by Nimrod. I'm going to try to make the illustrations for the races myself since I can't seem to rely on anyone else.

No need for an April fools gag, I actually got some work done. For quite a while now I have been working on revised data for the game. Firstly the new Mutant Abilities are up with some great new artwork. The World section has been getting some much need work lately too. Firstly I created a highly detailed, and revised version of the Political World Map . Secondly, all the flags were redrawn in Illustrator. Third, the IAF section got a little research and work done on it, I'm awaiting information and approval from Nimrod. This next quarter will be very busy for me, but I will keep working on the game in my free time.

Well the changes I would have liked to see didn't come to light, but it's alright. The game is still being worked on. I removed the previous forum due to the fact that it sucked. I'm now using a server side CGI script that gives me total control and doesn't use ad banners. Everyone will however have to register again.

There have been some changes in the site lately, mostly in the background. Firstly the addition of the members section. It will provide a structured area for developers. Also, I have been working with a very skilled 3D artist by the name of Koen Koopman. Together will detailed drawing provided by Phil we are working to create models of the alien races in Survival. The gallery has been updated with Phils sketches which are being used to create the 3D model. The christmas break is nearly here and updates will resume soon.

I purchased a domain name, www.survivalrpg.com and the site will now be located here. I have a new server Freedom2Surf.com, or www.f2s.com. I have been impressed with their service so far and I believe I will use them from now on, or until they force me to use banners like all other great servers have in the past.

Well here I am on break from school once more, and what do I do instead of relax? I work on the game obviously. I have a lot of big changes and alterations I've been making, mostly in my head. But as a sign of good faith you'll notice i've added an incredibly powerful content driven search engine provided by www.atomz.com . There will be more updates and some optimizations of the site to come. Rules for the mutant abilities are in for an overhaul and we plan to add new abilities. Work is still progressing on the cybernetics and talks with James have begun about SPCGen 2.0.

Well things have been very busy in the world of Survival. Firstly a few months back I again set Survival aside in order to work on a new game, entitled Survival: Agaroth. It is a fantasy game based on the same dice system as the original Survival. The page for the game is located at www.agaroth.cjb.net . The game is still incomplete, but is moving along nicely due to play involvement. On that note, the Survival skills list has been completely revised. This is thanks to James and Nimrod for their hard work. The list is now alphabetized and numbered. This allows for the creation of characters to be much faster and may eventually be implemented in a all new SPCGen which is currently being planed. There are heavy changes coming to the game it self. I recently had all the players create new characters and I plan to remove a lot of the fantasy and magical elements from the game and focus on technology and science fiction.

I have not stopped work on the page. I have however slowed my pace a great deal. My free time is not what it used to be. But I work a little every day. Lately I have been working on the World section. I added some information on the Planets Plus some very nice public domain NASA images. I received some help with the mathematics and other astronomical gibba jabba so everything should be in order. I also added to The People section creating the Day to Day life information, with some great new artwork, and also the Racism section. All in all the updates have not stopped, only become more spaced out. Expect more sometime next week.

Well the page needed some help, so I helped it. I added a "back" buttion to most pages that needed one. This will help novice internet users and everyone else alike. I also re-did a few logos as I came across older ones I didn't like anymore. And I touched up the HTML on a lot of pages. Too many too list infact, so enjoy.

I added the Altok race section. More to come.

More Races, I added the Elf and the Human. Oddly enough I never made the Human section, even though it should have been a logical choice. Anyway, I also made new versions of the Freak and the Psi-Sorcerer. I felt I needed to, keeping with the theme and style of the new art. The updates will keep coming, I plan to finish every race.

I've converted the Random Mutation and Deformities list into HTML finally. Took a few hours, but it's there. Should work just as well as the Random Mutant Ability List and Discriptions which also got a revision. Some spell checking was done and slight additions to their rules.

As a New Year's gift to everyone I redesigned the page, all its art, and made a new interface. I also touched up, or completely remade various bits of graphics. You'll also now find the Vampyre', Gargoyle, and Demi-Demon Races done. Additionally I killed the werewolf image and made a new one, which i like a lot more. Im going to continue updating the page. I will try to update weekly, and if not that much, evey other week. Nimrod has been working on the IAF data, and he promises it will be through and I cant wait.

Well hopefully everyone found the new page. I removed myself from RPGHost.com because of a new policy they enforced on members. It was a banner policy, now I have been an advocate aginst banners on my page since the geocities days. Im in the process of getting enough money to buy a URL for myself, where I will host Survival. Until then the page will be on Xoom. Also, to make it simpler on the fans, use www.survival.cjb.net . I have been extremely busy with college, I even had to drop one of my classes to stay on top of things. But Im getting settled in here and I will have some free time. Also, I talked with Jason, he's interested in resuming work on the race drawings. So expect some good updates in the near future.

It's here, the first public release of SPCGen. I've been having some minor problems with RPGHost but everything seems fine now. Also, sorry I havent been updating for the past month, but I just started college. And it's been eating my free time. Now that I know what school's gonna be like I think I can start updates again. Now lets get to SPCGen.

Download SPCGen v1.0 from here 753k zipped.

SPCGen Version 1.0:
Features currently implemented:
-Full Race selection and generation
-Full attribute calculation
-Body point allowcation
-Mutant Abilities with stat modification
-Demonic Abilities with stat modification
-Built in Dice roller for skills
-Print Feature
Features not yet implemented:
-Automated skill selection, it has to be done by hand still.

Required files:
msvbm60.dll 713k ziped
comdlg32.ocx 59.9k ziped
richtx32.ocx 93.3k ziped

Moving right along here, I added the Werewolf to the races section. Wow, maybe one day they will all be complete! No word from Don, I can only assume he's still taking a breather. Expect more updates.

I have added the Vampire to the race section. I'll continue to do these images myself since Jason isnt here to ink, please mail me with your thoughts on them.

Here are some screen shots of the current version of SPCGen. Don is taking a little break for a while and he'll finish the last few bits of the program real soon.

Im sorry I haven't been updating lately. I have a lot of small projects going on. Also, a note about SPCGen. Don has decided he cant finish it right now, he's got a life too and all. So ill release his final version here pretty soon, as well as the source code incase anyone wants to follow in his foot steps. Now Don said he'll continue work some months from now. Also, i've updated the Races section with a new picture i made. It's a different style than the ones before it, and i think i'll use it. So check out the Kersens.

I converted all the opening images into compressed gifs to reduce loading time. Also, I recieved another version of SPCGen today, it's great. I cant wait to release it, the only thing left to do is basicly the skills, it will take some time, but expect to see the final version up here in a week, well, 2 weeks tops.

As you might have noticed I have added a nice background picture I drew some time ago to the main page. Don's programing is coming along nicely. I have already received and tested an alpha version. The final version should be ready within a week or so. Also, Don has programed a Dice roller custom made for Survival. I will add that, and the Survival Player Character Generator (SPCGen) when they are all completed.

I made another version of the navigation bar, i just didnt like it. The new one is okay, but i might make a new one. And now for some exciting news, Don, an amazing programer has said he may create a program which will allow character generation. This is great news for you GMs out there and players alike. Check out his page, slick free programs, and his insane dice collection.(Im envious)

Added some images to the Random mutant ability chart. Also finished the random mutation and deformity chart and shortly will begin work on the html for that.

Made some revisions to the theories for Energy in the Tech section, also added a swell picture to the Teleport section too.

Alright, I fixed some "problems" with the frameset in my coding. All should be well. More updates coming soon.

I just uploaded the Dark Circle to the NPC section, I also updated the rest of the NPC section, by replacing some of the older art with new stuff.

I have uploaded the "Dermal Regeneration" page to the Tech section. With the help of Nimrod, I hope to get the rest of the Tech section up in a few days.

I decided to do the new page design by myself, and I must say it looks pretty damn good. There are minor revisions throughout the page. Where ever I found an error. These we're basicly the major flaws, I didnt run spell check on every single page (though i should) becuase it would force me to do the HTML all over again. Which would hurt. Anyway, Jason works across the stree from my house so the art will start up again.

Well here you go, some news out of the blue. The page is now in a state of transition to a new, much better server, RPGHost.com. In light of this and other factors, Survival is being redesigned. The Staff and I will open the new site in something like a month or so.

Well the evil has finally happened. Survival RPG has been officially discontinued until further notice. It needs to be understood that I am not trashing the project, only setting it aside. I want to persue a new RPG idea which takes place in present day. Also, this site has become a miror, as I now have a real home for the page, the new, still unamed RPG takes the place of Survival there. So until next time kiddies, keep your head in the stars and always reach for your dreams. And stuff.

Took my time about it didn't I? Well updates have begun again. I have been secretely updating the tech and races slowly. There will be a very large update in a week or so when i turn all the links on. Survival now has a V3 URL, which enables you to goto http://welcome.to/survival.rpg/ . This should make it easier to pass the page around by word of mouth. Nimrod and myself have decided we are going to do revisions to the rules and he has already completed revisions the the revised skill list =).

Wow! An update. Well, a minor one. I updated the INF today. Also, im sorry for the lack of updates. I have a new job and my free time is limited. I havent even gotten to play Survival in the past few weeks. Now school finals are nearing closer and i have to worry about them and my grades. I have yet to get ahold of Jason. The races section is falling majorly behind. Jason if your reading this, CALL ME!

Made some badly need revisions to the Mutant abilities list hopefully making it easier to use. There will be some additions and modifications to the list. But I'm still trying to come of with a few new abilites and make working rules. Also, sorry for the lack of updates. Jason has moved so it has become increasingly difficult to contact him in anyway. But from what i know the inks are done and ready for Photoshop.

Added to the Tech section today. Added the Element and Molecular manipulation section. There are some really cool 3d models of molecules i created using a program called Chemsite . Expect updates to the races section, I have given Jason sketches of many races including the Kreed, Drakian, Serk, Werewolf and more to be inked hopefully by this weekend.

A good sixe update to finish off the week. Uploaded the Experience Table, the Basic Psionic abilities list, and fixed a link to the attributes page.

Work is speeding up again and inspiration is swelling. I've got a mass of great ideas im working on. I updated the World section and fixed a bad link located there. I have also started work on a section that will focus on the people of survial and their opinions and views. It will cover everything from day to day life, to racism, and even fashion.

Okay things are looking up, I created a mirror site in the event that geocities removes the page or has some server problems. Expect updates for the races, INF, and a special surprise I've been working on. ;)

Hey, good news. I mentioned before, about that annoying pop up screen. It can be defeated for our netscape friends (myself included). Simpley go into the options menu and and then into Network Preferences and disable Javascipt not Java. Then magically you're immune to the evil popup screen. On a more fitting note, work with the game is slow. Iv made some sketches of the gargoyles and some nots about cybernetics and such, but we didnt even get around to playing this weekend. School has become a constant nuisance, being as this is my senior year, passing has become an issue.

Well, I repaired the spelling damage in the Races because there will be more people reading that than anything else right now. If you would like to help out by spell checking stuff for me id be grateful. On a different note, it seems that geocities has this clever little java pop up window and script that follows every link. I think its due time to look else where and make this site an offical mirror. Email me with some prices for web space, 10-15 meg would be good for Survival. Im sure I will go with simplenet...

It seems my spelling is very nasty, i was going though some of the pages here and found so many errors it was hard to read. Now its a well known fact that i have a poor mastery of spelling. I am going to use some spell checker on the pages in an attempt to solve the errors. Now my request to you is when you find an error tell me! Tell me where the spelling error is, give me the misspelled word and the correctly spelled word so i can replace it. This site is destine to be great!

The wait is over, updates on the Races section are underway again, and well worth the wait. The Freaks and Psi-Sorcerer pages are up and look great. Jason has provided me with some amazing inks, and now that I have Adobe Photoshop 5.0 at my finger tips they look even better. I have also decided im going to color all images.

I made a swell graphic for the US Military section, i also revised the Alien Race Ganeration Table and added a graphic for it as well.

I added the US Military groups to the NPC section. I also merged the two sections of the NPC section. There will be daily updates from here on, maybe.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I can only put up what is done. I updated the INF section and added some news, I am also debating rather or not to change the format of the page totally. Maybe speed up the loading time by removing somegraphics or something. Im also looking into a search engine for the page that will search by topic and content.

I have yet to get ahold of jason and the new inks, so the races section will wait some more, iv decided im going to start work on the Cybernetics list and rules, it will have illistrations and art like all other sections, but it will be some time before it will come to light.

Updated some of the links and added some new ones. Also Jason said he inked all the drawing i have given him which means, if all goes we;; well see them up by this weekend.

Added the massive Skills List, thanks to Colin. Im considering making some additions to the Mutant abilities list as well as revising the page for them, more news on that soon.

Added the Lor-Roc race page with anohter one of jason's master inking jobs. The races are coming along smoothly and plan to have Freaks, Humans, and Altok ready soon.

Reset and added a new counter to the page. Its a wicked cool counter too. Its a Dynamic Counter Applet, which means it will self update while your looking at it. Now, i know this site isnt pulling in the traffic, but hey, its a cool FREE applet. Go Here to check it out.

I did some minor revisions to the history, and finally added the Survival Pre-History, which explains the Soul-Gates, Magic, the world of Ageron and the much more.

Uploaded The character sheet and an updated version of the weapons list in HTML thanks to Jon. Have sketches of several races, and i plan to have jason ink them. So exspect to see the races section growing soon.


Uploaded the SWAD and Droid race pages and also changed some things around. I made the midi netscape happy and added a the control player to stop it if you lose your mind. also changed the rules section around and made it longer.


Well i have decided to end my little holiday from my page and start uploaded again. Today i finished the Axium's race page which looks nice i might add. I'll continue to do the races throughout the month or however long it takes.


Completed and uploaded the Robotic Componets Table with graphics for the section was well.


Recovered the lost HTML file. And Updated the link from the "Rules" section. When im done with the Character sheet Discription people should be able to actually make characters for my games. I have plans for a CGI that will allow players to make characters online. It will have random attribute values, and will adjust for races and generate skills values as well. But that will come later for now, do it the old fashioned way, use dice.


Added a page for the character sheet, its still incomplete, but its going well. I put up what i have done so far. It basicly discribes all the stuff on the chararacter sheet indepth. And i also lost an HTML file off the geocities server. I mistakingly named a new file over it. Ill have to retype it. It was the "how to make a character" one....oh well...


I have started work on the PC section of my players. I got pictures of nearly all the players. And have started organizing the HTML for the section. I also added the logos for CyberCore and Paragen.


Ive updated the NPC section. i added some corporation and Jessica's page. Ill be adding the PC's section soon. There will be pictures of the players' characters on the pages as well.


Updated the game section by renaming it to "rules". this is in light of being added to the RPG archive list. Hopfully it will provide more ease in navigating my ever growing page.


Good news, the kind people at The GreatRPG Archive (DreamScape). have put a link to my site. Hopefully this will bring some new people to Survival. I have put a link to them on my main page to show my thanks, they said it was optional...(woh! hey its 4/20!)


Lots of minor updates, changed the format of the news section thanks to a kind suggestion (thank's rusty). Also added a midi to the left frames page, you wont hear it unless you have IE so use it, its the future. (sadly) Also added a link to a swell Six Feet Under wav i made myself. Since its only a small portion of the song i shouldnt be infringing on any copyrights. (i hope) Also finaly got the main page to show up in searches for Excite and Yahoo.


In some cool news, i got a new processor (233 pentium) and motherboard (onboard 3d sound, 1meg cache) for a nice price, so work will be better. But sadly my second hard drive crashed and died a nasty death. i was able to backup nearly 90% of the files i dont have on disk so all is well, and Survival is safe. I had backups on two disk and on two servers. (heh heh)


Good news, my computer is back up and runing, minus my floppy drive. But work will resume, finished robic rules and VR Combat rules. They will be uploaded by the end of the week.


On a brighter note, i have completed rough drafts for the Robotic Componets and Robotic rules, and am continuing to smooth out details.


Bad news on all counts my friends. My computer has died, and what a horrible death it is. Currently I am unable to even turn on my computer. It is a hardware problem so Survival is safe, but until it is repaired work can not go on. I may continue minor updates through the use of my fathers computer, but since it is a win 3.1 environment work will be slower (is that possible?).


Completed BloodLine Magic rules and added its page. Also added Strength Table.


Added a new scetion to the page, Author. Its about me and the history of Survival. Also added the Psionic-Magic Rules and spell list And The Armor section.


Added some stuff to INF section, and I finally got around to adding a counter. I also took the time to add this site to some search engine data bases; yahoo and excite to name a few.


Work is slow, but its comming along. Added more stuff to GAME section. Making Graphics for all sections now. Hope to have all the rules up by the end of next month. That includes Cybernetics and Robotic tables.


Up dated GAME section. Added a some more graphics. Begining work on INF and Paranormal Classification Tables.


The site has been added to the geocities server. I am looking into web hosting. Currently simplenet seems to be the best package for my needs. So look for the site there, soon.


Started work on HTML...little is known.