Survival RPG

The Imperial Armed Forces

Leader(s):Prime Minister Alexander Miles Toralsh
Ministries:: Agriculture: Vicente Cardenas
                    Aquatic Exploration & Colonization: Frederic Hertz
                    Communication: Karl Werner
                    Construction & Engineering: Maxwell Cornelius
                    Education: Micaelo Puglioni
                    Energy: Niels Sohm
                    Industry: Gudjian Vileriam
                    Information & Standards: Johnathan Kell
                    Justice & Ethics: Aziz Al Tammar
                    Medicine & Health: Alexei Konstantinovich Petrenkov
                    Space Exploration & Colonization: Kol Jenner
                    Transportation: Fong Wei Ho
                    Water Treatment & Distribution: Philip Stark
Size: 35,751,120 sq. km
Location: Europe Asia
Population: 3.2 billion
Government: Parliamentary Republic (Serves only as a figurehead)
Languages: English, German, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese
Major Religions: Atheist 39.8%, Roman Catholic 39.2%,
      Protestant 4.6%, Orthodox 3%, other 13.4%
Racial groups: Human: 99.2%, Other: 0.8%
Growth rate: 0.57%
Life expectancy: 95 years
Standing Army: 850 million
The Imperial Armed Forces

The Imperial Armed Forces, or the IAF, are a powerful and feared nation. Other nations know very little of their actual origin. Even within the IAF itself, the circle is small. A large battalion of troops from an alternate earth in which the IAF have completely conquered, were somehow stranded on the world of Survival. The battalion was headed by four star general Gustoff Hagan Karelian . Gen. Karelian knew that his battalion would not be able to return home due to their unknown position. Following imperial doctrine, Gen. Karelian as ranking officer assumed duties of emperor and began the capture territories and to quickly establish power. The scientific and technological level of the IAF exceeded that of the world of Survival by at least 150 years, thus resistance was quickly silenced. Within six months the IAF had seized over 70% of their current land. Only then did they encounter difficult opposition. Forces from the United States and Japan used mutants heavily. The war's moral overtone worked only to fuel mutant soldiers. Then costly victories were lost when the nations of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq were almost simultaneously liberated by a massive organized mutant uprising lead by Ghaib Alim Sabala . Shortly after the uprising other territories began to revolt, combined with accumulative forces of the USA and Japan the IAF would be unable to sustain a continued war effort and was forced to sign a cease fire agreement that stated they would not expand their empire or continue aggression with currently liberated nations.

The IAF began the control and programming of its populace with propaganda and force. The people of the IAF had a much higher standard of living than that of other nations. Disease and starvation were quickly eradicated. Much of Asia and Russia still remained under developed and in virtual ruin from World War III and now World War IV, the IAF modernized the entire nation and instilled it's population with a security and stability it had never known. Pro-human sentiment is now nearly the only mode of thinking. The IAF controls all forms of media and communication and ensure that only negative information about non-human races are reported to it's citizens. As their society began to form, Emperor Karelian ensured his existence was unknown. A parliament of elected officials as well as elected local leaders and representatives give the people of the IAF a false sense that they govern themselves. These political figures however, are only puppets to the emperor.