As the 20th century drew to a close, mounting problems in the Middle East coupled with the Asian economic crisis and the Socialist Reformation in Russia almost certainly guaranteed change. And so in the year 1999, two powerful countries with similar problems merged and formed an alliance with the fateful signing of the Russo-Muslim Pact. This pact, created for the sole purpose of halting the spread of democracy, ignited a tempered debate between concerned U.N. peace-keepers and countries which sanctioned the change. When it was discovered that these two countries were planning a nuclear assault on the United States, a full scale nuclear war exploded. 5 billion people died as a result of the war.

The world was thrown into a nuclear winter; a second ice-age. For more than 100 years, the entire earth endured this, then the climate began to warm up and the ice caps melted back into worlds oceans. Civilization slowly began to rebuild itself. Plants started to grow once more and wild life flourished.

After the war, radiation from the bombs combined with toxic waste and other environmental problems caused a rapid molecular change in some humans, resulting in the deformation of the body and the manifestation of mutant abilities. Altering their genetic code so much that a variant in the species was created.

The few survivors in the former United States were mostly war veterans and survivalists who had foreseen the war and prepared for it. It was these survivalists who rebuilt America. The great land of the free was reborn with new strength. The patriotism of these Americans was unsurpassed, they restored the government to its former glory and created a true nation of the free. The Americans also gained Canada and Mexico.

Japan was hit hard. A fare portion of the country was vaporized, and when they began the reconstruction of their empire they took precautions for another attack. Due to the lack of usable land, Japan was forced to find another option. Japan began building massive cities under water, these cities were magnificent, some nearly totally self sufficient. The cities at first were no larger than a small town, but after 100 years of expanding, they reached populations of millions. With the construction of these cities Japan unknowingly ensured their place as a world power. The cities, being so large, had to be protected. So Japan, constructed massive ships and underwater vessels to patrol the cities and protect them from invading armies. With so many cities built and so many ships commissioned, Japan controlled of over 60% of the world's navy.

Other countries recovered more slowly, and by the year 2276 the horrors of World War III were a distant memory as were its effects. The world began to Grow once more, new technological discoveries and medical break throughs made it seem as though peace was eternal.

In the year 2302, the United States, along with Japan, designed the Digital Currency System or D.C.S., headed by the C.B.N. or Central Banking Network. The system allows international transactions without the cumbersome exchange rate from earth's past. The D.C.S. is mostly for business transactions, though paper notes still exist, they are used for normal day to day life.

Throughout man's existence, the search for extraterrestrial life has been but a dream, until in the year 2383, when it became a reality. Japanese scientists in Edo, now the capital, began to receive transmissions from an alien race known as the Kersens. They pleaded with the people of the earth to allow them to come to earth and peacefully live amongst its inhabitants for their planet and solar system was being destroyed. A council was formed from all of the countries' representatives, known as the N.A.C.C. or the National Alien Colonization Council, and the Kersens were allowed to come to earth.

So in 2397, the Kersens arrived on earth, and in the years following, many other races came to earth. And the planets surrounding earth were populated; Mars, and Venus. As well as Earth's own moon, and the surrounding moons of the other planets were populated. Even a massive artificial moon was constructed, known Gio. Gio has a controlled atmosphere and is slightly smaller than Earth's moon. The moon has one large ocean, and the rest is entirely designed to optimize space and welfare. Gio is the control center for earth's global planetary defense system, know as the Barrier. A system of energy field emitters which also serves as a weapon in the event of an attack on earth.

Then in the year 2651, an organization formed in the former UK. This organization forcefully seized control of most of Europe and Asia, mercilessly killing all of those who resisted. Known as the I.A.F., or the Imperial Armed Forces they quickly gained power and began their genocide of all Non-Human races. This outraged the United States and Japan, who's populace was now over 45% non-human. Againt he world was gripped in conflict as the lines were drawn and the stakes set. The war, labeled World War IV, lasted 6 years. Countless lives were lost and to end the mindless bloodshed, a cease fire was signed between the warring nations. The United States and Japan signed a treaty known as the "Strong Arm Pact". It stated that the U.S. and Japan would be at peace and keep a watchful eye over I.A.F. territory.

The world is in a state of tension, with a possible full scale war breaking out between the IAF, and the The allied forced of the USA and Japan. There are dangers behind every corner, trust no one, and nothing is as it seems. There are countless enemies waiting to destroy you. For this is Survival and you are in the midst of it all.

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