Fusion energy is the most commonly used sorce of power in the 28th century. It is clean, safe and adbondent. Heavy Water (H3O) is used as the sorce of fusion. Heavy water is engineered water, it is more dence than normal water (H2O). There is little waste produced from Fusion, so little infact that a single fusion unit will not need maintence or cleaning for over 100 years. In the event of a rupture of a fusion cell nearly all units are equipted with a negitive fusion generator. Which counters all fusion activity preventing a thermol nuclear explosion.

Zero-Point Energy

Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) is easily one of the universe's most abundant sources for energy. It is also known as Vacuum energy, as it is seemingly pulled from empty space. The technology is based on phenomenon known as the quantum foam by which Particle-antiparticle pairs destroy each other, and prior to their annihilation, exist for a short period of time. They are created randomly from photons; the higher the energy of the photon from which they are created, the longer the time they will exist prior to annihilation. When they are destroyed these Particle-antiparticle pairs release energy and it is captured and converted for use.Zero-Point Energy yields more energy than fission or fusion, but is not widely used because facilities for ZPE reactors are immense as well as costly. ZPE reactors Commonly used in offworld terraforming platforms, deep-space craft, and as large industrial mainstream power generators.

There are also more portable version of ZPE, known as a Zero Point Energy Cell. A ZPec is capable of generating immense amounts of energy by utilizing zero point energy. A ZPec contains an artificially created region of subspace from which this power is drawn. Since this process is thermodynamically irreversible, every ZPec (if used) will eventually reach maximum entropy, at which point it is depleted and can no longer provide power.