Elite Force Officer

The Elite Force Officer is akin to modern stealth bomber, with each one costing billions of dollars and untold man hours of training. Assignment to the Elite Forces is restricted to commissioned officers with a rank no lower than Second Lieutenant. The selection process is comprehensive and involved and consists of a psychiatric evaluation as well as evaluation of problem solving and leadership skills.

Armor: An Elite Force officer’s skin has been replaced with an engineered dermal armor with a damage resistance of 1200. Meaning any damage 1200 or under will have no effect, additionally, any damage over 1200 will do 1/3 of its full damage. This is due to the extremely strong molecular bond of the dermal armor. Additionally, the skin does not allow poisons or toxins to penetrate the body. Over all they have 12,000 Body points.

Cybernetic Implants: There is a wide range of cybernetic implants and enhancements for the elite forces officer. The endoskeleton is reinforced with Osmium³³. The muscle system is now completely based on HrydoGel material. Additionally, a completely self contained breathing unit is in place of the lungs. The body can become air tight and exist under water or even the vacuum of space.

The physical strength and speed of the officer are also greatly increased allowing the Officer to lift up to 300 tons and deal punches inflicting 2500 points of damage, this is consistent with a strength of 250. Additionally an Elite Force officer may run at a speed of 250 mph (400 kph).

The Officer’s mind is augmented with a computer that accelerates the thought process yielding 5 attacks per turn. The computer is also equipped with a DEI system. The Digitized Environment Imaging assembles all Sensory data and builds a digital model of it real time. Then threats are categorized by severity, and the officer can engage multiple targets at once without aiming or time penalties. Elite Force Officers receive no minus for targeted or called shots.

Weapons systems: Other than raw strength and speed. The Elite Forces Officer has few standard weapons. However higher ranking officers may choose to have them installed.

Sensory Systems: The sensory systems consist of an elaborate network of detection systems that build a digital model for use with the DEI system. They gather data such as temperature and thermal readings, air density and vibration, radiation levels, biological and chemical analysis of air composition, psychokinetic energy levels, electro-magnetic energy levels, and all light spectrums, including the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. Additionally communication signals and wavelengths are monitored included those in sub-space.

Other Systems: There are a host of other systems, many which are engineered to target specific mutant abilities and technology.

• The cranial armor is comprised of a psycho-dampening material to prevent psychic and psionic attacks.
• The dermal armor can release a combustible material designed to destroy auto-kinetic gel.
• The electrical current forced through the HydroGel implants is sufficient enough as to cause damage to intangible mutants.
• There are no ferrous metals in any of the systems of an Elite Forces officer making him immune to the effects of magnetism.