The normal day of a citizen of the 28th century is quit different than that of someone from present day. Firstly, common things such as food and drinks are rarely grown natrually. Most food is generated with a MatGen rather than grown.

Second is travel. A vary common and tedious task in the 21st century is now a simple and usually automated task. For the past 500 years, cars and other vehicles have been able to fly, and reliable auto-pilot systems have been around for about 400. It is not uncommon for someone to work Off-World, or have a job on another planet and commute to it from earth. A trip to mars takes only a few hours.

Next would be the skyline and the sky itself. The air is filled with vehicles and 300 story buildings. The moon has several cities on it and their accumulative lights are visible from earth. Gaio can also be seen.

night sky

Many different types of races are on earth. Strange aliens, some not even humanoid in form. Mutants usually have deformities that would be hideous by today’s standards, but are usually common and accepted in the future.

As for entertainment, people still enjoy movies. Though now they are presenting in 3 dimensional holograms. Virtual reality is much more advanced, allowing people to experience true-to-life fictional experiences. Television is holographic as well. The Internet still exists, but in a very different manner. People can link in visually through glasses or a thin helmet, or even go to the extreme of having a neural implant.

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